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How can you use information systems to increase learning efficiency

Monday, August 2, 2010

SEFIN Project offer pupils the possibility to achieve school performance at their own learning pace

Bucharest, 2nd of August 2010 - Intelligent educational solutions are helping pupils from upper secondary education. The SEFIN Project - carried out the Bucharest University (as coordinator), SIVECO Romania and TEHNE - The Center for Development and Innovation in Education - promote intelligent IT education systems into the current educational practice , aiming at increasing the impact of computer aided training on carrying out the curricular objectives.

The project's target group consists of pupils from the upper secondary education (XI, XII and XIII high school grades).

Currently, schools detain an average IT&C endowment, while using the computer's basic function is already a well-established common practice. Therefore, it has become necessary to develop intelligent interactive training applications that would help pupils in achieving satisfying school performances at their own learning pace.

The main project activities lie in carrying out inquiries in the selected schools, the development of IT - based learning packages, testing and adapting the learning applications.

"The project's results can represent an important assumption for sustainable social development, by increasing the efficiency of the education system", said Cristian Fota, Project responsible within SIVECO Romania.

The Contracting Authority is CNMP - National Center for Programs Management (Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports, Romania), under the contract no. 12-127/01.10.2008.