How does one achieve performance in IT? | SIVECO Romania

How does one achieve performance in IT?

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The profit and turnover in 2010 places SIVECO Romania in the top of software companies

Bucharest, 20th of October 2011 - To be three times number one in top! SIVECO Romania wins this new acknowledgement of its performance, measured by the financial results in 2010 . Even though 2010 has been an economic year earmarked by economic turbulence, SIVECO Romania, the biggest Romanian software house has continued its international expansion and the development of large projects carried out in the country in the field of education, health, agriculture, the customs system, the credit bureau and for hundreds of private organizations.

In the most recent top carried out by Listă Firme, based on the data in the companies' balance sheet afferent to 2010, SIVECO Romania is on the First place Top Profit Romania 2011, in Top Business Large Companies 2011 and in Top Business Large Companies in Bucharest, as well as on the second place in Top Business in Romania.

Based on the 2010 turnover, worth 53,8 million Euro, SIVECO Romania was ranked on First position in Top 5 Business Large Companies for the field 6201, and is also First position in 5 Business Large Companies in Bucharest, for the field 62, "Activities for information technology services", outrunning every time other 4 major companies on the Romanian software and IT services market.

SIVECO Romania ranked first from the point of view of profitability among the companies having the field of activity 6201, namely "Activities for producing software upon demand (customer-oriented software)".

In fact, through the results achieved in 2010, SIVECO Romania confirms its good evolution from the previous years, when it was always placed among the first positions in the tops produced by