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How employees can improve your company’s performance

Thursday, January 29, 2015

The AeL training platform, available as Software as a Service (SaaS), trains employees quickly, efficiently, at lower costs

Continuous training of staff is a constant concern of companies. Actually, professionalism and specialisation of employees has direct consequences on the company’s performance.

In the recent years, the educational trends emphasize the use of training solutions to ensure fast and efficient at lower costs.

The AeL online training platform offers just that: training employees in a short time without being taken out of production, with significant cost reduction compared to traditional training. Furthermore, the AeL platform can be used as Software as a Service (SaaS), in Cloud, thereby helping to lower overall costs and converting the capital costs in operating costs.

“Companies can choose to use the AeL platform as SaaS. Thus, dedicated hardware is no longer required and there is no need to buy licenses, but only to pay the actual use of the system. The platform integrates natively with basic systems used in most organizations, such as user management and email”, says Florin Anton, eLearning Department Manager within SIVECO Romania.

Based on the latest educational principles and technologies, AeL is a genuine digital “instructor”, providing training, assessment and management training employees in a secure environment.

For employees, the AeL platform means learning more in a shorter time. For the company, AeL means reduced costs, given that employees can learn anytime, anywhere, accessing courses easily, online.

The eLearning instruction leads to gaining competitive advantages in the market, providing an overview of the level of training of the entire team and career path of each employee.