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How is the IT sector helping research?

Friday, October 19, 2012
SIVECO Romania develops in partnership with international organizations research projects in the fields of eLearning, eHealth and eGovernment

For SIVECO Romania investment in research is a strategic advantage. For seven years, the company is involved in project of applicative research supported by the National Research Plan with the two sub-programs - Innovation and Partnerships – and through the European Programs FP7 (the European Union  7th Framework Program for research and Technological development), Lifelong Learning, EUREKA, ITEA2.

Applicative research is dedicated, mainly, to using the scientific research for improving or manufacturing new products, technologies and services. SIVECO Romania develops eLearning, eHealth and eGovernment projects in partnership with universities and research institutes from Romania and Europe.

„Our projects help education organizations to adjust their educational offer to the real requirements of the labour market, through the use of the newest technologies, and at the same time, to prepare the students for the information society. The projects in the field of medical research bring new hopes to patients, while the projects from the professional training area increase the employees’ competences and eliminate the linguistic barriers. eGovernment project allow the development of new technologies leading to increasing the quality of the public services, improving the relationship between citizens and the public institutions. In short, the major beneficiary of our research projects is the entire society”, has stated Monica Florea, manager of European Projects department Research& Development within SIVECO Romania.

Among the projects currently developed by SIVECO is also RENOVA (know-how transfer for the medical assistants and midwives in Europe to develop their professional abilities as managers - Lifelong Learning Programme) where the company provides a collaborative learning platform, helping in approaching real situations simulated by experienced specialists.

In the European project TOI4FOOD (Transfer of knowledge and training for European traditional food producers related to innovative quality control methodologies - Lifelong Learning Programme) SIVECO Romania develops a methodology of educational training, as well as collaborative platform on which online courses will run. The project aims at carrying out a knowledge transfer from Portugal and Spain as regards European rules and procedures that have to be implemented in Romania in the field of traditional products.