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How to be a well-informed consumer

Thursday, December 18, 2014

SIVECO Romania extends the portal which informs and educates consumers, in a new framework agreement signed with the European Commission

The Consumer Classroom portal will be extended under a new framework contract concluded with the European Commission, through the Directorate-General for Health and Consumers and the Consumers, Health and Food Executive Agency.

SIVECO developed the Consumer Classroom portal for consumer education in Europe as part of a consortium led by ADETEF – the French Agency for International Technical Cooperation, implementing the first framework contract started in 2010.

This second framework contract will be implemented by a consortium led by ADETEF, which includes SIVECO, Dara (Ireland) and Laimomo (Italy). SIVECO will be in charge with the development of new functionalities and maintenance of the web portal.

Consumer Classroom is a European platform for promoting consumer education, covering all 28 EU member states and available in 23 EU official languages. The platform supports secondary school teachers to create and distribute multimedia lessons to students and teachers and to collaborate with other European teachers.

The main objective of the Classroom Consumer portal is to stimulate and encourage consumer education in schools, in order to transform students into better informed future consumers that will be able to make decisions for responsible consumption.

"We are now in the second phase of development, in which the portal, already well positioned for users in all EU countries, will be extended both in terms of functionalities and as target audience. Potential extensions considered are additional school levels and additional countries and languages from outside the EU. We aim to maximize the use of the information available and to continuously increase the number of educational resources", said Stefan Morcov, Deputy Vice-President SIVECO Romania.

The strength of the website lies in the quality of teaching resources and collaboration tools such as the Lesson Builder, forums and live chat. It is currently targeted towards teachers of 12-18 year old students.

Any organization can get involved in promoting consumer education and create an extensive library of consumer education resources from across the EU.

More information about the Consumer Classroom portal is available at, and