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The IDC study on the Romanian IT services market

Monday, October 18, 2004

Romania’s status of candidate to the European structures gains visibility from the IT market perspective, as it follows a similar trend to the most advanced European markets. The recent IDC study confirms this European trend spirit.

IDC estimates that in Romania, as in the other more advanced countries from Central and Eastern Europe, the IT services and software expenses percentage in total IT expenses will climb.

In 2003, the IT services market in Romania reached 109.27 million $, representing a 10.7% annual increase. Basic operation services still represent a major share in the Romanian IT services, reflecting the IT market orientation towards hardware and software acquisitions.

The fact that the IT services market leader is the same as the EAS - SIVECO Romania confirm the tight connection between the two and the company extraordinary evolution on the two major markets it performs: the EAS market and the eLearning solutions market.

SIVECO Romania is leading three out of the six market segments identified by IDC for the Romanian IT services market (software & hardware installation and technical support, consulting and customization, systems integration, training, outsourcing and custom application development), and on the “dais” for other two  (consulting and systems integration).

The study performed by IDC places SIVECO Romania no.1 on the Romanian IT services market, ahead of other big players (IBM – world leader in IT services, Romsys, HP, Bull), holding a 10.52% share out of the local market and a 12.04 mil. USD income.

According to IDC, the IT services market splits into 13 basic segments, which can be grouped in 6 major segments, with simillar features and trends. The EAS market acted in 2003 as one of the most powerful drivers for the IT services market growth, the leading position taken by SIVECO definetly influencing company’s position in the IT services study.

A year of qualitative and quantitative leaps, 2003 was a decisive year for SIVECO's evolution.

According to the company's mission, that of becoming a leader of Romanian software houses by the quality of products and services it provides and by its clients satisfaction, SIVECO Romania closed the fiscal year 2003 with a record turnover of 16 million euros, way over the value estimated at the end of the previous year.

Recording more than 50% annual growth rate, ever since its start in 1992, in 2003, the company fructified the intense efforts that were made for the projects started in 2000.

Recording more than 50% annual growth rate, ever since its start in 1992, in 2003, the company fructified the intense efforts that were made for the projects started in 2000.

Projects of great importance for the success of computerization and developments initiatives on Romanian IT market - IT Based Educational System for undergraduate studies, computerization of health insurance system, computerization of economic organizations that are important for Romanian industry - have been carried out in partnerships with powerful local companies, with technical capabilities and significant financial power.

          "The year 2003 turnover is very equilibrated one. The solutions proposed by SIVECO Romania are meant for both private and public sector (half of the turnover is the result of the collaboration with private companies), also covering all industrial verticals. The fact that 34% of signed contracts in 2003 cover projects taking place in Romania and that 66% are international collaborations represent premises for international exposure and for gaining a good reputation on the West-European and American markets." declares Irina Socol, General Manager of SIVECO Romania.

With an average productivity of 65.000euros/employee and a turnover of 16 million euros in 2003, SIVECO Romania becomes not only a specialist on IT Romanian market, but also one of the successful companies on European market.

The year 2003 brought to the company another 70 clients in Romania, the 60% growth of the clients' portfolio being a real market success.