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IM World 2016: the pole of cloud technologies

Friday, October 7, 2016

The participants have appreciated the unusual modality of Cloud Learning training, as well as the variety and quality of courses proposed

This year too, SIVECO has participated in the greatest technology event in Romania- IM World, in the period of 5-6 October, at Romexpo, on the stage of Enterprise Solutions, with the employees Cloud Learning training service.

On this occasion, Viorel Jigman, manager in SIVECO’s eLearning department has presented the challenges the companies are face with in the area of employees’ induction, training and motivation, as well as the advantages of the „blended learning” type of training. He has provided practical examples showing the manner in which the blended training, including on-line courses followed by courses in the classroom, facilitate the fast knowledge transfer and employees improvement in a short period of time, leading to significant costs reduction compared to traditional training.

In the subscription to the Cloud Learning service are included a series of interesting courses such as: Fire Prevention and Fighting, Health and Security at Work, Time Management, Introductory marketing notions, Efficient teamwork, Negotiations, IT Security, HR – Recruitment and Selection.

By using Cloud Learning, the student can learn online at his/her own pace, can evaluate his/her level of knowledge accumulated by means of tests, while in the classroom, together with the trainer, he/she can go deeper into complex elements with help of case studies and role-play type of scenarios.

The presentation was interactive, the attendees having the possibility to learn details about the aspects they were mostly interested in. As a matter of fact, the most interesting questions were even awarded.

Here are a few of the most frequent questions posed by the participants and the answers provided by Viorel Jigman, respectively:

How important is an induction course for the employees and how can it be adjusted to the organizational culture?

The induction phase of the new employee at the work place has an outstanding importance on long term for both parties. On one hand, the company has to transmit correctly and coherently, the values, strategy and scope of the organization, but also the role of the new employee within the company. For the companies with a significant staff turnover, the annual induction costs  can be very high and many times these organizations are seeking for alternative solutions. Also, on the long run, if the employee does not identify himself with the respective organizational culture, he/she can be de-motivated and will not perform within it.

What kind of support is it necessary to be provided by an organization wishing to use a blended learning type of approach?

The success of any project implying a change in the organization requires the organization’s active involvement and it is desirable to have a dedicated person in this respect. Compared to traditional training, in this case the benefits are visible through increasing the training’s impact and reduction of costs supported by the organization in the employees training area.

How is it performed the separation between the elements included in the on-line course and the course in the classroom?

Each course in the classroom is carefully prepared along with a specialized trainer and represents a continuation of the course in the Cloud Learning platform. The on-line course includes a level of basic knowledge that the learner has to acquire on a particular subject. Thus, during the course in the classroom, stress can be laid on the Q&A area,  case studies and applying the course notions into practice.

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