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The impact of the AeL solution on Ilfov’s County educational system

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Branesti, the 7th of March 2007Ilfov’s County School Inspectorate recently organized a reunion at the Teachers House, and the main debate theme was “The level of the AeL solution utilization in Ilfov’s County educational system”. The main objective of the reunion was the presentation of demonstrative interdisciplinary  AeL applications.

After the presentations, the teachers’ debate focused on the necessity of diversifying and increasing the number of lessons for primary and secondary education.

The need for constant training was demonstrated by the increasing number of teachers who are interested in signing up for the IT initial training and AeL utilization Course. Ilfov’s County School Inspectorate showed interest in certifying new instructors. 

The teachers were extremely opened and enjoyed the presentation of the Intel Teach program, since they have the chance to get additional credentials.

By accessing this program, Romanian teachers will have the chance to develop their teaching skills with IT instruments support, and get more familiarized with educational projects on modern management and get closer to pupils, concentrating on their needs and expectations. The local partner for implementing the IntelTeach project in Romanian schools is SIVEO Romania.

The statistical presentation of the AeL solution utilization in Ilfov’s County schools, showed very encouraging results, both in the pupils’ interest for this teaching method, and the teachers’ and managers’ involvement.

About AeL

AeL is the backbone of the SEI Program, offering support for teaching and learning, evaluation and grading, administration, design and monitoring of the multimedia content use. SEI -The IT-Based Educational System, is a complex program initiated by the Ministry of Education and Research and its basic objective is to support the teaching-learning process in the pre-universitary education with cutting edge technology.