The implementation of AeL platform within the 4th stage of SEI started in October 2005 and was finalized | SIVECO Romania

The implementation of AeL platform within the 4th stage of SEI started in October 2005 and was finalized

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The IT Based Educational System (SEI) is a complex program initiated by the Ministry of Education and Research in 2001, aiming to offer ITC support for the Romanian educational system.

The four stages of the program, the last being in progress, represent an appreciable effort materialized in hardware equipments, implementation of educational software in every IT laboratory, multimedia content for every school, and teachers training, IT support for the education management process, an educational portal and a national call center for technical support.

The implementation of AeL platform within the 4th stage of SEI started in October 2005 and was finalized in June 2006. In this moment, the implementation process ended in all 3270 locations equipped with IT laboratories and the first step in introducing the ITC at gymnasium level has been made.

The distribution of the 3270 laboratories is the following: 3005 at gymnasium level, 148 high schools, 75 Children Clubs and Palaces, 42 CCD. Over 50% of these laboratories were delivered in the rural communities.

The success of this stage wouldn’t have been possible without the excellent work of the SIVECO partners, coordinated by SIVECO implementation team, effort estimated at 61 years/human.

The implementation process does not mean only technical support and the distribution of the educational content, but also training the teachers. Over 400 certified AeL instructors participated at the installation and configuration of AeL platform in every IT laboratory delivered to all the 3270 educational institutions.

Until 15 of June 2006, 33068 persons were trained within the implementation process, and 3176 teachers learned to use AeL at the CCD courses. AeL training within SEI is officially recognized as a didactic improvement within the mandatory lifelong learning programs for the teachers.

The compliance with quality standards is a constant care and ensuring it is daily basis activity within the project.

Thus, after a three month period, the implementation procedure is followed by an audit and a monitoring activity, done by a team of specialists, other then those who had performed the implementation. Metrics and qualitative indicators, resulted from a standardized evaluation grill, count the implementation success. The indicators measure the results and impact of the implementation on the educational process.

Until the 15th of June, over 1000 locations out of 3270 were checked, 78 percent of them received Good or Best qualificatives. The checking is done by SIVECO’s partners, an effort estimated at 5 years/human.

The national support center offers technical, scientific, didactical and methodological guidance for all teachers.

The technical support is offered by SIVECO Call Center by: the TELVERDE number (0800.410.444), the educational forum (<>) and e-mail ( <>)

The technical support in numbers :

  • Over 2875 messages posted on the forum
  • Over 1270 emails sent
  • Over 3100 phone calls initiated and received