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The implementation of modern technologies in education and research

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Bucharest, October 30th of 2007 – During the 26th and 28th of October, will take place simultaneously in Constanta the second edition of The International Conference for Virtual Learning (ICVL 2007 – and the fifth edition of the National Conference for Virtual Learning (CNIV 2007 – The organizers of the conferences are The University of Bucharest, The University “Ovidius” from Constanţa and SIVECO Romania.

 “We are content that in partnership with the University of Bucharest and University Ovidius from Constanta we are involved in such an important event. SIVECO Romania supports constantly the promotion of the newest IT&C resources and the different methods of integrating them in the educational system” declared Radu Jugureanu, AeL eContent Manager within SIVECO Romania.

The sessions will take place at the “University Ovidius” from Constanta and this year they will focus on the promoting of the modern technologies in education and research, emphasizing the implementation of the information society’s technologies (IST/FP6/FP7) respecting the demands of the European Union.

The recognition of the two conferences grew year by year, and now they became a central point of interest for researchers, specialists from the eLearning domain, university professors, teachers, inspectors, counselors, educators, pupils and students. In this year’s edition will participate delegates from: USA, UK, Spain, Thailand, Iran, Greece, Turkey, Macedonia, Republic of Moldavia and Romania.

More than 100 papers were submitted for the conferences. The papers focus on promoting and implementing the introduction of IT&C resources in education and in the continuous training as well as attracting and including the young people in the research and development of educational programs.

During the National Conference for Virtual Learning there will be the exhibition “Educational Software 2007” where there will be held presentations of software products and applications, educational programs and development strategies for the educational domain.

SIVECO Romania and the University of Bucharest will award the papers and the software products that will show a high degree of innovation, in the Contest “Educational Software 2007”.

SIVECO Romania is a well-known name in the IT&C industry both at national and international level, the company having a direct contribution in the creation and development of the information society, due to numerous projects like the implementing of the first program of introducing interactive resources in the Romanian national educational preuniversity system – SEI – “The IT- Based Educational System”.