The increase of the SIVECO team continues in 2008 with 200 specialists | SIVECO Romania

The increase of the SIVECO team continues in 2008 with 200 specialists

Monday, February 18, 2008


The growth of the most important romanian software house team continues in 2008 too by hiring another 200 specialists. In the present, SIVECO Romania has over 700 specialists, with an increasing growth rate of over 20% each year. To sustain the established business plans in 2008, the company needs to continue to increase its team, especially in the programming area, but in the project management and sales departments too.

“In 2008, we want to extend our businesses at international level, without leaving the local market, which has an impressive potential and offers lots of opportunities. To sustain the development strategy in the company, we decided to continue to implement an attractive personnel policy which makes the best specialists in the market loyal to us, but young graduates too, anxious to start their career in one of the most important software integrators in the region”, says Daniela Bichir, Vice-President Human Resources&Quality, SIVECO Romania.

The solutions our specialists found out to different problems, the successful projects, brought us every year more clients having other complex projects and needs.  The company recrutes mostly Java programmers, Oracle developers, but Project Managers and commercial representatives too, all very important to the evolution of SIVECO Romania.  The complex projects need very good software specialists, business orientated, especially in the coordinating projects positions. Some of the available jobs in 2008 are already advertised on our website,, in the Career section.

Having already a well-known reputation in universities, SIVECO is one of the few romanian companies which hires young graduates, giving them the opportunity to learn and develop their own career. „In SIVECO, the employees can easily rich to higher positions if they have good results in their activity. We have many young coleagues, who were programmers a couple of years ago and now, they coordinate successful big teams, as Project Managers, Department or Line of Business Managers”, says Daniela Bichir.According to the human resources management from SIVECO, it became more and more important to sustain the business growth through a flexible human resources policy.