The industry of food manufacturing gains efficiency with the help of performant information tools | SIVECO Romania

The industry of food manufacturing gains efficiency with the help of performant information tools

Monday, November 20, 2006

Bucharest, 20th of November 2006 – As a modern and dynamic company, owning the newest biscuits manufacturing line in Romania, DOBROGEA BISCUIT recently finalized the implementation of the SIVECO Applications integrated information package – a complex and complete solution, adapted to the European and international standards, with high reference on the Romanian market.

Part of the DOBROGEA Group, DOBROGEA BISCUIT is leader on the Romanian market of milling and bakery. Keeping the group’s tradition, the company’s management requested a solution able to combine the latest technological approaches and the information technology, expecting to obtain the necessary flexibility and agility in order to successfully evolve on the Romanian permanently changing market.

“We’ve selected the company SIVECO Romania because we consider it the best IT solutions provider, a leader on the domestic market. From the beginning, we requested to all our employees to align them to the standard imposed by the implementation of the SIVECO Romania’s solution and this proved to be a right decision. The obtained results sustain and confirm this approach”, says Mrs. Fotini Teodorescu, the President of the DOBROGEA Group.

The project started with the implementation of the SIVECO Applications integrated information system (an ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning - type solution) and continued with the management information system, SIVECO Business Analyzer (a Business Intelligence tool). The main advantage of this kind of approach is the powerful integration between the information system for the operational management and the one for the strategic management. Another great advantage is a result of all the customizations made by SIVECO Romania, as the solution’s developer, in order to cover the client’s business workflows within the information system. The experience gained in the previous projects and their in-time successful finalizations have positively influenced the implementation.

The manufacturing process represents the core of the entire activity conducted by DOBROGEA BISCUIT and this imposed the need of gaining efficiency in all the manufacturing stages. The Production Management Component assures the management of preparation, programming, lunching, monitoring and control workflows of the manufacturing activity. It is strongly interfaced with others components within the SIVECO Applications integrated package.

“The solution proposed by SIVECO Romania SA to DOBROGEA BISCUIT facilitates the transition of the data into information, information into decisions and decisions into actions. It combines the advantages of a standard ERP solution with the ones of a customized one (in-house one) and can be considered an example of collaboration between the provider and the beneficiary”, states Mrs. Irina Socol, the General Manager of SIVECO Romania SA.

Due to the implementation, DOBROGEA BISCUIT won important benefits, such as increased performance, costs and losses’ reductions, high productivity, as well as an increased flexibility and agility when responding to the market’s changes.

”We can say that, by acquiring the solution developed by SIVECO Romania SA, DOBROGEA BISCUIT obtained decreased total costs of its acquisition/implementation/utilization (TCO - Total Cost of Ownership) and a reduction with at least 25% of the time needed for the return on investment (ROI), compared with similar solutions on the market”, states Mrs. Sereda Toma, General Manager of DOBROGEA BISCUIT.