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The first online course in Romania dedicated to consumers’ protection has kicked off

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Now companies can train their employees in the consumer protection domain based on an online course developed by InfoCons and the Federation of Consumer Associations, in partnership with SIVECO Romania

Over the past years, consumers have become more and more exigent, in all domains – they know exactly what they want when they look for a product or service, get information before hand, they want a prompt and to the point answer. Therefore, no matter what product or service they are providing, all economic operators must have well trained, proactive and professional employees who would meet the consumers’ requirements.

Promotion of Goods and Services S.R.L (LLC), under the aegis of InfoCons and the Federation of Consumers Associations, in partnership with SIVECO Romania, meets the needs of Romanian consumers, by launching the first online training course in the consumer protection domain

The course was developed following the analysis of situations identified in the merchant- consumer and authority relationship, within the National Training Program. The digital lessons, available at, aim at informing and educating the employees of economic operators in order to prevent conflicting situations in the relationship with consumers, as well as violation of legislative provisions in force.

The course consists of two modules with specialized topic and is addressed to employees, economic operators, as well as to the large audience and includes:

  • Modulul I - presents overall aspects regarding the consumer rights in their dealings with the economic operators who produce, distribute and provide products and services for the population.
  • Modulul II - presents relevant information about the National Authority for Consumer Protection (A.N.P.C.), a state owned control institution with responsibilities in running inspection and control activities over the economic operators. Its objective is the protection of the consumers’ economic and safety interests.

One of the most important advantages provided by this course is flexibility. The employees can access the courses online, whenever they have a spare moment in the office or in the underground, from home, from wherever they want. Another advantage is that it provides a unique and personal training experience, each learner following the course at his /her own pace. The two modules have an attractive design and are easy to go through, thus contributing significantly to understanding the notions and rights consumers have"states Viorel Jigman, Manager of AeL department within SIVECO Romania.

After passing through the course, the economic operators will better understand the basic notions referring to consumer’s protection and their rights. Moreover, by understanding the very important role played by the relationship with consumers, companies will be able to increase the success of their business, while providing their customers with a better experience. At the same time, consumers will understand the role, characteristics and control methodology of the National Authority for Consumer Protection (A.N.P.C.).

More information on the course and its modules can be found by visiting:

About InfoCons

InfoCons (, the Consumers Protection Association, the single organization in Romania with full rights in Consumers International, is a non-governmental representative association of private law, without lucrative purpose, with distinct and indivisible patrimony, founded on democratic principles, defending the consumers’ rights – a founding member of the Federation of Consumers Association.

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