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Friday, January 5, 2018

At the end of 2017, we have received from the Competition Council the justification related to the Council’s Decision No. 33/18.07.2017.

In reference to the aspects regarding SIVECO Romania, we appreciate that both the decision and the sanction applied are not justified, as not being supported by the proof attached to the file.

We hereby consider that the accusations brought to SIVECO are based on a wrongful application of the legal provisions and on an erroneous interpretation of the body of evidence administered by the Competition Council. The body of evidence we are invoking does not prove the breach by our company of any legal provision related to competition.

We reiterate the fact that it did not exist any non-competitional understanding between our company and other investigated company.

We also appreciate that SIVECO has been treated in a  discriminatory manner throughout the entire investigation performed by the Competition Council, compared to other companies investigated in this case (lawsuit).

Consequently, SIVECO has made use of all the legal means against the Competition Council’s decision, appealing the decision and the related acts issued by the Competition Council regarding the investigation envisaged by this decision.

We are confident in the objectivity of justice action and in the fact that this will make justice.

We mention, that, throughout the investigation’s development, the company has made available to the representatives of the Competition Council, all the information requested, as well as data and documents out of which it result the groundlessness related to the accusations retained in the Decision. At the same time, over the past three and a half years, SIVECO has undergone through a complex restructuring process, by which it has implemented policies and procedures that would ensure that the company’s activity respects all the legal provisions in force, including a program of conformity with competition related legislation, [program] that has even been accepted by the Competition Council in the context of this investigation.

SIVECO Romania provides solutions and services appreciated by over 1,700 customers on 4 continents, being the main Romanian industrial software producer, and the only company in our country providing IT services directly to bodies of the European Commission.