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Information Systems Developed by SIVECO Romania for Social and Health Insurances

Wednesday, May 22, 2002

Bucharest, 22nd May 2002 - A very good example in this respect is CGN (Concentrateur Global NEPENTHES), the system for invoice centralization and distribution for social and health insurance system in France, created by SIVECO Romania according to NEPENTHES SA.

This system aims to efficiently mediate between insurance houses and health services providers (for instance drug stores).

The project aimed to improve health systems in France, based on latest technologies and adapt them to new requests in the French health insurance system.

SIVECO Romania has designed and developed CGN system using technologies which proved to function extremely good. An Oracle database is used, with a Visual Basic interface, which provides system reliability and flexible interface, easy to be used by all end users.

The project started on 15th September 2001, while the first tests started at the beginning of February 2002.

The system aims to connect up to 4 000 drug stores, 150.000 invoices per day and almost 400 000 in an optimistic appreciation - which will lead to a volume of financial transactions of 4 millions Euro/day (at an average cost of 10 ? per invoice - almost 300.000 lei per invoice).

Computerized applications, such as CGN (Concentrateur Global NEPENTHES) for centralized invoice distribution, which between intermediates information flows and facilitates financial transactions within health system, provide, besides other objective features, two important elements - transparency and rapidity, time element being extremely important in a system which focuses on people and their pains.