Information systems make SMEs more competitive on European level | SIVECO Romania

Information systems make SMEs more competitive on European level

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bucharest, June 10th 2008 – Information systems developers manifest a growing interest towards SMEs – in thie respect, customized solutions becomes increasingly visible on the Romanian EAS (Enterprise Application Software) market.

"In order to meet the post-EU accession requirements, the local small and medium businesses acknoledge the need for stable and performing software solutions, meant to bolster long-term business growth and to provide a real competitive advantage. Consequently, SIVECO Romania has designed a comprehensive software application package, meant to help SMEs in the process for their modernization", declares Aurora Crusti, Deputy Vice-President, Commercial Division, SIVECO Romania.

Covering the main functional aspects in the current activity of a company, the IT solutions developed by SIVECO Romania can be implemented both as an integrated package - SIVECO Applications - as well as through independent modules. Among the most frequently required solutions in the sphere of SMEs are the following: Production Management, Financial & Accounting Management, Inventory Management, Fixed Asset  & Inventory Item Management, Human Resources & Payroll Management, Budget Management, Transport Management, Document Management etc.

"First of all, our company wishes to provide SMEs with performant information tools, reliable and accessible in terms of performance-price ratio. Therefore, the experts within SIVECO Romania suggest solutions for the main problems affecting the small entrepreneurs: malfunctions in monitoring operational processes, absence of a good information management, poor communication between various divisions. The implementation of SIVECO Applications – the information model developed by SIVECO Romania – ensures a performant resource management, ranging up to the optimization of the entire activity of small and medium entrepreneurs", added Aurora Crusti.