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Information technology is servicing the utilities sector

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Bucharest, 12th December 2006 – The conference „IDC IT&C in the Utilities & Energy Sectors 2006” took place recently at J W Marriott Hotel in Bucharest, an event that provided participants with relevant information on how modern IT should be used in order to deliver more efficient services for the utilities sector and to adapt to a more competitive business environment.

The event is part of the road show dedicated to the utilities and energy sector organized by International Data Corporation (IDC) in three capital cities from Central Europe: Budapest, Bucharest and Prague. The Conference brought together industry experts, leaders, decisions-makers from companies in the utilities as well as energy sector, representatives of top IT&C companies, managers of professional associations in this sector and media.

As partner of the event, SIVECO Romania presented the benefits that the Billing Management application from the integrated information package SIVECO Applications brings to companies in the industry, as well as interactions between this and other components from this ERP product.  Dedicated to companies supplying gas, drinking water, hot water, thermal agent, as well as to those companies producing and distributing electrical energy, the SIVECO application ensures the control and efficient coordination of internal resources, with a strong influence on the quality of delivered services, both to the public and to other private companies.

SIVECO Romania has developed the Billing Management component as there was no such product available on the local market so far, that would satisfy the requirements for use and administration for a huge volume of data, while processing an important volume of documents”, says Mr. Aurora Crusti, Manager of the Department SIVECO Applications. „All problems related to the billing and invoicing of services for utilities receive an optimal solving through this application entirely developed by SIVECO Romania, dedicated to increase the efficiency of the activity and to increase the credibility of utilities suppliers. This solutions becomes more necessary as the efficiency of utilities suppliers influences both their relation with their own beneficiaries and their company’s image among important segments of population.”

The Billing Management Application proved its efficiency in practice, being currently successfully used by several important companies, such as The Jiului Valley Autonomous Water Company (RAAVJ), CONGAZ SA, Termoficare 2000 Pitesti, proving itself a performing means for managing a huge volume of bills and thus certifying SIVECO’s expertise regarding dedicated solutions for the utilities sector.

Creation of a tree-like structure for the customers record, automatic generation of a large number of invoices, fast billing, the possibility of outsourcing for billing services, records of individual or area debt collections, the possibility to obtain, in any minute, specific synthesis situations, decrease of expenses through increase of work productivity, fast adaptability to legislative changes related to changes in the price of utilities, creation of a historical data base for prices and tariffs- these are a few of the benefits which this application brings to utilities suppliers.

The software system for the Billing Management automatically shapes the business process, both at financial and operational level, thus providing an important information support for financial analysis, provisions and decision-making process in the utilities sector.  

Compared with other applications on the Romanian market, the integrated information system developed by SIVECO Romania allows a dynamic configuration of the components.The Billing Management component offers flexibility in obtaining final reports, according to the specific business and with managerial requirements.

Along with the Billing Management component, SIVECO Romania has implemented various other components of the integrated information system in different utilities verticals, energy sector and oil &gas: among its clients one can mention companies like PETROM, Hidroserv Hateg and Hidroserv Portile de Fier, CET Iasi, CET Brasov, SE Constanta, SE Braila, Termoelectrica Bucuresti, Termoserv Mures Iernut.

 „The application of Billing Management has as main object making the billing an invoicing activities more efficient, for a very large portfolio of clients, for the utilities supplier companies. The successful implementation of this component for several Romanian companies proves the customer oriented approach of SIVECO Romania, through delivering of high quality products and meeting the customer’s business requirements”, says Mrs. Aurora Crusti.