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Innovation and Knowledge – factors that generate profit

Monday, November 6, 2006

Bucharest, 6 th November 2006 – Recently, SIVECO Romania participated at the Regional Forum – “Profit from Knowledge and Networks”, organized by USAID and the Regional Competitiveness Initiative.

The forum reunited specialists from various domains like IT, Marketing, Agriculture, Investments and Commerce and aimed at exploring the possibilities of every economy and company has in order to increase its competitiveness at regional level.

Embracing the idea promoted by this event, SIVECO Romania presented the solution for a competitive economy: innovation and investment in education.

Stefan Morcov, AeL Product Manager within SIVECO Romania presented a clear image of the steps made by the Romanian education system in training the young generation in using IT, by implementing The Romanian IT Based Educational System  (SEI). He mentioned the students’ and teachers’ wish to transform our educational system in a promoter of innovation and also in an important factor for improving the national competitiveness.

Education is and it will be an important factor in developing an economy, while Romania is accepting and adopting rapidly the ”knowledge based economy” concept. ”Our company has continuously sustained the promotion of a modern education and encouraged students and teachers to get involved in developing a future society, by organizing SIVECO Cup for educational software Contest, “How to Become a Champion” and sustaining the efforts of all companies with initiatives in this domain. Our initiatives help students and teachers to develop team work abilities, planning and organizing skills, to get practical, technical and general experience in order to build up a portfolio, references and concrete results. We help today students to become open to the labor market and the economic environment that they will meet after graduating”, declares Stefan Morcov, AeL Product Manager.

Initially addressed to the students and teachers passionate by educational software from our country, the contest “How to become a Champion” reunited last year competitors from The Republic of Moldavia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia, the competition representing an important experience exchange between Romanian representatives and students and teachers from neighboring countries.

SIVECO Cup is already at the 4th  edition, and is supported by Intel and Microsoft“ representing much more than a competition for those who participated: teacher – student collaboration, experience exchange between Romanian teachers and teachers from other countries. We believe that through he collaboration with USAID, the SIVECO Cup next year will become an important contest at regional level, which will transform the educational software in a communication tool between Romanian Educational System and the educational systems from other countries, declares Stefan Morcov.