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INOVAGRIA, SIVECO’s high performing application for the farms’ efficient management

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

As the Romanian agriculture is developing, there is always room for improvement. Romania’s tremendous potential continues to remain untapped and unharnessed.

Currently there are technical solutions meant to support Romanian farmers in increasing profitability of their agricultural holdings. A modern, high profitability farm, implies not just presence in the field, resources as well as physical labor, but also a lot of paper work, and the latter often proves to be the most difficult to tackle.

Taking into account all these aspects and based on over 10 years of experience in developing and implementing high performing IT solutions for the Romanian agricultural sector, the specialists of eAgriculture department within SIVECO support farmers by means of INOVAGRIA, the IT solution meant to simplify and increase efficiency of the farm’s management, in view of increasing the performance and profitability.


SIVECO’s specialists are completely aware of the needs of Romanian farmers. Through the subsidies’ payment system created by SIVECO over 2 billion Euros have been paid, with no trouble, to farmers in Romania in March 2017 only. 

INOVAGRIA is a 100% Romanian software application and 100% integrated software too, containing all the necessary modules for a thorough farm management. The application is dedicated to all farmers, irrespective of the size of the farm they own. In order to use it, it is sufficient to use a web browser from a computer, or even a mobile device with access to Internet.

The application includes a series of components conceived so that to cover the most important problems the farmers are faced with in their day to day activity: submitting the aid requests both for the vegetal, as well as the animal sector, managing the lease contracts, managing the agricultural works and the animals’ registry.

As for most of the times, farmers are faced with a series of difficulties in carrying out the full/ comprehensive dossier for receiving aids from APIA, INOVAGRIA has a component conceived in this respect, very useful in the process of preparing  documentation, which helps in identifying the proper aid schemes and the documents necessary  for each scheme in part; the application can perform an estimate of the aid’s total value and can send automatically to the IPA Online system of APIA the comprehensive data regarding the single payment request, in an APIA -compatible format.

Other components are monitoring the agricultural terrains in a farm and contain information on crops, the works performed, on production, providing at the same time also ongoing access to the terrains and crops’ maps. There are tools simplifying the process of managing the lease terrains, increasing the efficiency and continuously controlling the agricultural works in the farm, providing the best solutions for the fertilizing/ herbicides process based on a permanent monitoring of the agricultural land, planning the production at each parcel’s level, proposing optimal alternatives of cultures and managing the silos-related activities.

The farm’s production plan can be drafted by means of the Norms component, allowing inventory taking of the standard elements, such as the number of agricultural machinery, fuel consumption, staff requirements, while the GPS Monitoring component ensures monitoring of the agricultural machinery based on GPS data and thus increases the efficiency of agricultural works’ monitoring.

As the farm’s activity is not limited to the vegetal sector, SIVECO’s specialists have elaborated the Animals’ Registry as well, which is addressed to the livestock sector. It allows for registering the zootechnical holding, as well as managing the information on the cattle and customized animal - related events: ear tag, gender, date of birth, area of exploitation, breed, species, medical treatment, vaccines, reproductive match and other. Very useful for farmers indeed, all basic information on the animals owned can be recorded, monitored and analyzed.

The INOVAGRIA’s components can be used either independently, or in integrated manner. It is difficult to manage and continuously monitor a farm, but the instrument INOVAGRIA is providing to farmers ensures this possibility. Thus, SIVECO’s specialists have succeeded to innovate the manner in which traditional activities are taking place, by observing two major principles that you may find also in our logo: „We respect tradition. We cultivate innovation”.