Are you a science teacher? You will become a national champion! | SIVECO Romania

Are you a science teacher? You will become a national champion!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Inspiring Science Education National Competition awards the best science lessons developed with digital instruments

Science teachers and teachers from schools, high-schools from Romania that have projected and unfolded lessons using recommended digital tools inside the Inspiring Science Education project, are invited to participate at a national competition.

Inspiring Science Education competition is meant to reward the best digital resources build by professors, with the goal to promote sciences and to transform education from a scientific area to an attractive and relevant activity for students.

“We invite science teachers from Romania to join this ample European initiative, with the purpose to improve the educational system, through the offering of some digital resources created by the professors, for the professors, and to facilitate the collaboration between the academic bodies from the 15 participating countries”, said Monica Florea, Director European Project Department in SIVECO Romania.

For enrollment in the competition, the teachers are invited to access the project’s website, and to follow the instructions and rules posted. Deadline for submitting the projects in the competition is February 24th 2015, until 24:00.

The winners of the first three places will receive a tablet as a prize, provided by our co-partner INTEL. The authors of the best 25 lessons will participate at the next Workshop Practice Reflection called “Exploring the Universe”. All participants in the National Competition Inspiring Science Education will receive a certificate of participation.

The Inspiring Science Education project is set to create a core role in education for teachers, so that in turn they can guide the students to make their own scientific discoveries, to observe and to understand the way in which natural and scientific phenomena manifest, to have access to the latest interactive tools and digital resources, right from the classroom.

SIVECO Romania is partner and a national coordinator in the Inspiring Science Education European project, which will be implemented in 5.000 primary and secondary schools from 15 European countries.

The unfolded activities in the project propose to offer digital resources and opportunities for teachers, and they include: accessing interactive tools with which they are able to make their own scenarios and then present them in the classroom, interactive activities in partnership with other schools enrolled in the European project, eScience apps and integrating them with extra-curriculum activities, such as field trips in science centers and virtual visits in research centers.

Teachers also have the possibility to access, and at the same time to create diverse virtual laboratories and relevant scenarios, which they can use as resources for preparing and unfolding science classes. This way, students are encouraged to use tools and digital resources to better understand subjects like Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in a practical, faster and attractive way.

We invite you to learn more about the Inspiring Science Education project on