European project Inspiring Science Education promotes and recognizes the scientific projects of Romanian teachers and pupils | SIVECO Romania

European project Inspiring Science Education promotes and recognizes the scientific projects of Romanian teachers and pupils

Friday, July 1, 2016

The National Conference „Inspiring Science Education”, a project in which SIVECO Romania is partner and national coordinator to, takes place in Sinaia during 29 June-1 July 2016

SIVECO Romania, the national coordinator of European project Inspiring Science Education, organizes currently in Sinaia the Inspiring Science Education - National Conference

On this occasion, the best teachers in Romania, accompanied by their pupils will share their experiences within the project Inspiring Science Education.

Simultaneously with this event takes place also the National Phase of the ISE experimental projects Competition – where teachers and pupils will present the nicest and most inspirational scientific projects. We mean the eight projects winners of the first place in the regional phase of the competitions organized within Inspiring Science Education Romania Festival in Bucharest, Caracal, Lugoj, Luduş, Eforie Sud, Piatra Neamţ, Satu Mare and Târgovişte, and the six projects winners of the on-line environment. The most innovative and attractive among these projects will be awarded.

“We are happy that Romanian teachers from over 650 schools actively participate in this project, effectively contributing to numerous experiments organized both at national and European level. The teachers’ role in training the citizens of tomorrow is essential. By involving the teachers and pupils in competitions like those initiated by ISE, the education process becomes motivating and attractive, while the teachers’ purpose is to guide students to carry out their own scientific discoveries and to trigger their imagination. By carrying out these activities the pupils learn to work in a team, developing their abilities for communication and managing various situations occurring during the project’s development”, declares Ana-Maria Bâldea, manager of Inspiring Science Education project, within SIVECO Romania.

Inspiring Science Education project, where SIVECO Romania is partner along with other 15 European organizations, promotes sciences, transforming education in the scientific field into an attractive, relevant activity for pupils. The teachers and pupils have quick access to cutting edge interactive instruments and to digital resources, even in the classroom.

This way, teachers play central stage in the educational process. They stimulate students in the learning process through observation and discovery and make them understand the manner in which the natural and scientific phenomena from disciplines such as Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics occur, in a practical and pleasant manner.

The project is of major importance at European level, as it allows accessing interactive instruments with help of which teachers can achieve various virtual laboratories and relevant scenarios to be used in the classroom, encourage schools’ collaboration both at national and European level, provide eScience applications that can be integrated with extra-curricular activities, like excursions to scientific centres or virtual visits to research centers.

Inspiring Science Education ( is a European research project launched in 2013, implemented in 5,000 primary and secondary schools from 15 EU countries.