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Integrable information systems - vital functionality for their beneficiaries

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Bucharest, 9 August 2005 -  Neptun hosted the latest SIVECO Romania seminar, according to the company’s tradition to facilitate the meetings between the company’s specialists and potential clients, which have the opportunity to discuss their current problems.

The audience represented specific industries - harbor operators, tourism, distributors, maritime services and constructions, production and maritime repairs, transport agents, but also consulting companies, mass media, education and information technology.

The topics covered some of the company’s flag products: the analysis tool SIVECO Business Analyzer, the Production Management Component part of the SIVECO Applications integrated package, the document management system SIVADOC, the eLearning platform AeL Enterprise.

The Management Information System, SIVECO Business Analyzer, acts like an integrator for the system’s information, and its main advantages are:

  • Supports the decision process in planning monitoring, controlling and forecast activities;
  • Information support for adopting cost controlling strategies and profit growth sources;
  • Synthesis, coherent, consistent and real-time information;
  • Graphic or spreadsheet form analysis, easy to manage and customize.

The analysis are only the starting point, as the user can set its own data outputs, according to the company’s specific.

The Production Management Component is the most powerful and reliable software tool on the Romanian market, with abilities for preparing, programming, launching, monitoring and controlling production processes. Leading Romania companies use the product, as it is consolidated and validated based on the clients’ observations, from various industries: aeronautics (Aerostar), machines and equipment (Astra Bus, MEVA, ROMVAG), furniture (Libertatea), telecommunications (Topex), anticorrosive (Anticoroziv), ceramics (Romanceram), equipment (Uztel).

SIVADOC document management system, developed by SIVECO Romania, simplifies the document flux, reduces answering time to requests and allows activities deployment monitoring.

SIVECO Romania approaches the HR departments’ training component with AeL Enterprise eLearning platform, the first system of its kind entirely developed in Romania.  AeL Enterprise is designed for Computer Assisted Learning - CAL, and can be also used for long distance learning - Computer Based Learning. AeL Enterprise has testing features in order to met companies’ needs for measuring the impact and training program efficiency, for continuous improvement. The system is build in a flexible way - it provides interactive sessions with multimedia facilities, video-conferences, and integrates most of the MS Office documents, movies and multimedia materials.