The intelligence and creativity of Romanian research – at „Research Saloon 2006” | SIVECO Romania

The intelligence and creativity of Romanian research – at „Research Saloon 2006”

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Bucharest, 12th of October 2006 – The ROMEXPO Exhibition Centre hosted recently The Research Saloon 2006. Organized by the National Authority for Scientific Research, in collaboration with SIVECO Romania, under the patronage of the Ministry of Education and Research, the exhibition presented Romania’s activity in various research areas: energy, nanotechnology and nano-materials, life and health, agriculture and biotechnologies, environment and sustainable development, information technology and telecommunications, transportations and urbanism, security and outer space.

Having a high impact on the evolution of the local software industry, the involvement of SIVECO Romania in this event is based on the company’s sustainable effort in research and development.

SIVECO Romania software solution presented at the „Research Saloon” included SIVECO Applications EAS package, eLearning platform, AeL Enterprise, SIVECO Business Analyzer solution for the documents and workflows management– SIVADOC.

The integrated package for the management of company’s resources (SIVECO Applications) represents the result of 11th years of 100% Romanian efforts for development and implementation of products that successfully competes with companies worldwide.

The solutions provided by the SIVECO Application integrated package are based on the latest technologies, and are dedicated to medium and large companies covering all industrial sectors as well as trade. The development of the components included in the integrated package was done in accordance with demands of inexperienced users, but experts in their field of activity. 

This made possible that the ensemble of components resolve problems specific to the covered areas. The release of new versions was determined especially by the legislative transformation, approach of the covered problems and changes at the IT level. Characterized by high flexibility and the capacity to adapt to each business, the ERP solutions of SIVECO Romania offer as main benefits: efficient economical administration, workflows automation, consistence and coherent data, fast data recovery and reports, redesigning of information flows.

Designed both for computer assisted usage (Computer Assisted Learning – CAL) as well as non- assisted/ distant usage (Computer Based Learning), eLearning AeL Enterprise is the first system of its kind entirely developed in Romania. AeL Enterprise is a platform completely integrated for training and administration of content, adaptable to the particular needs of each company, dedicated to corporations. The system is developed as a very flexible organizational and training material administration model (also, you can create interactive sessions with the help of multimedia, video-conferences, while in presentations you can integrate most of known MS Office documents, movies and multimedia). AeL can be used in different languages, regions, study levels and organization types, having also testing capacities that meet the need to measure the impact and efficacy of training programs for a continuous increase of employee’s performances.

SIVECO Business Analyzer is a dynamic instrument that allows management access to real time information, leading to a high competitiveness in the decision making process and relies on the technology of real time analytical processing (OLAP), one of the latest and most performant in the areas of information processing.

As an integrator of company’s data, SIVECO Business Analyzer offers to the beneficiary complex multidimensional analyses providing activity diagnosis, proving to be extremely flexible and adaptable to the needs and realities of each company specifications.

The purpose of SIVADOC documents management system is to facilitate activity by an easier organization of documents and their versions for all teams involved in the company or institution’s activity. Using the SIVECO solution, the request’s response time is reduced, allowing the monitoring of all activities.