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Intelligent document management eliminates bureaucratic bottlenecks

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

An informatized society implies the involvement of IT&C tools in all the core activities of companies. The evidence and management of documents is a common concern for all companies, regardless of their field of activity. 

“Economic operators have understood the importance of an effective organization and circulation of documents. In order to attain an operational management of documents, companies now have the opportunity to access specialized IT solutions. SIVECO Romania already is a traditional supplier of such instruments, which, once implemented within the client company, are able to restructure their workflows”, declares Radu Lazar, Line of Business Director SIVADOC, SIVECO Romania. 

The IT solutions for archiving, centralizing and qualifying documents help companies move forward, to a new development stage. By means of the IT solutions, such operations as recording, creating, archiving or querying documents are performed in automated mode. This presents real advantages to users, such as a reduction of the processing time, as well as data accuracy and superior control over the document archives. 

"By appealing to the complex functions of SIVADOC – the IT workflow management system  developed by SIVECO Romania – human and material resources of companies are used in a much more sensible manner. The quick elaboration, inventory and accurate classification of different types of documentation, as well as the advanced standardization of all company documents are just a few of the immediate benefits of the SIVADOC implementation. By becoming involved in the process of company informatization, SIVECO Romania beneficially intervenes in order to simplify the operational processes occurring in any given organization", Radu Lazăr added. 

Through its specialized Document Management solutions, SIVECO Romania supports companies in the process of a rigorous economic generation and management of documents of all kind – from simple text documents, to electronic messages, faxes, scanned documents and even pictures. The implementation of such an application practically ensures the capitalization of the entire business economy, thereby entailing substantial savings at all cost levels.