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“International Star Award” for SIVECO Romania system quality

Friday, October 14, 2005

Bucharest, 14 October 2005 - Business Initiative Directions (BID) has recently organized “International Convention for Quality” in Geneva; the event reunites professionals from various fields of activities, who strive to implement quality models in the organizations they represent. In the Geneva reunion, chaired by Mr. Jose E. Prieto, BID President, the annual Excellency prizes in implementing quality management systems were awarded.

This year, SIVECO Romania was awarded the “International Gold Star Award” trophy for special merits on total quality management implementation.

At mid 70s, BID started to development programs for quality assessment and certification, based on QC 100 criteria, which is a Total Quality Management model.

The International trophy for Quality is recognized as a pattern at international level.

From the beginning of BID, groups of organizations from a lot of activity domains with a representative field participated Quality Award process. A lot of personality of the business world, scientific, professional peoples from miscellaneous activities from public sector or privet sector was contributed at development International Quality BID Awards.

Awards are given by Business Initiative Directions after collection and validation of all information coming from multiple channels, including online polls, the final decision being taken by the directorate committee of BID.

„We are extremely honored by this international recognition of our quality management system, of our firm commitment to promote innovation, our pioneer and leader position that SIVECO Romania holds in this area. It is an extra guarantee for our inbound and outbound clients and partners, regarding processes control, which results in providing high quality products and services”, says Dana Bichir, Quality Assurance and Human Resources Department Manager within SOVECO Romania at awards ceremony.

About the Quality Management System within SIVECO Romania

The prestigious audit company AFAQ AFNOR International, ranked in world top five in the quality audit area, has recertified the Quality Management System within SIVECO Romania this year.

The undergoing processes are settled by the ISO9001: 2000 norms, which confirm a mature quality system, and are grouped in three categories, each represented by one or more procedures.

  • Processes on the added value chain, which interface the market (marketing and sales) and the final client (engineering processes for the development process, standard product implementation and technical support sub-processes);
  • Management processes, which define the basic activities regarding the process’ life cycle: resources management, project management, contract/offers management, quality management;
  • Support processes, for the added value chain processes, such as the procurement processes.
Such certification presents advantages for all involved in relationships outside the company.

The quality management system certification of the products and services provided by SIVECO Romania is a guaranty for the company’s clients regarding the control over the processes, which determine high-quality products and services.

For the company, a functional quality system means a better internal process organization, with positive results over the projects.

For the employees, working in an organized environment, with precise responsibilities and unitary tools and methodologies ensures a successful outcome for their activities.