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SIVECO at the I&M World 2013

Friday, October 11, 2013
"Meet the Prophets and their Digital Prophecies" is the slogan attached to the second edition of the event dedicated to mobile and IT solutions

Internet & Mobile World, the greatest "business to business" event dedicated to digital, mobile and software solutions in Romania held at Romexpo, on 9-10 October, has occasioned presenting applications and business solutions dedicated to large companies, owners of online shops, and to small entrepreneurs too.

The conferences, live presentations, and also the open attitude towards the more or less knowledgeable audience were meant to boost the interest of both small and large companies in improving their online presence.

On the first day of the event, Radu Jugureanu, manager of eContent department within SIVECO, held the lecture on „eLearning- The Need for Change”. The visitors (who had to register online) at the Business Software Stage, attended the presentation on the secret of our evolution as rational species: the need for change.

SIVECO’s presence at this large scale event raised the visitors’ interest, as the most well-known business-to-business solutions were presented at the company stand: SIVECO Applications, SIVADOC and AeL eContent.

SIVECO Applications 2020

The integrated solution of Enterprise Application Suite – EAS type, for the companies’ competitive management, covers all the activities within a company and ensures resources management, data flows automation and redesigning information flows, data consistency and coherence, as well as the fast information retrieval. With a high degree of customization and designed according to the latest standards, SIVECO Applications 2020 is adjusted to each company’s specificity, significantly contributes to increasing the activities’ efficiency and provides full control and an overall image over the whole business, in compliance with the legal regulations.

1,300 organizations in the country and abroad are managing their activity and resources by using SIVECO Applications 2020.

SIVECO Romania has acquired, especially over the past 3 years, an extended expertise in developing multimedia educational content for initial or lifelong employees’ training.


The Documents and Workflows Management – in short, SIVADOC – solves the companies’ critical problems regarding electronic archiving, the workflow, the documents’ labeling, search, security, administration and integration.

SIVADOC provides a common platform bringing together processes and information, with the aim of streamlining the documents’ circuit, facilitating the access to information, and protecting against unauthorized access as well.

SIVECO Romania’s experience in implementing the proprietary solution SIVADOC in various types of organizations has highlighted an average reduction of the communication time by 70-80%, as well as a consistent reduction of the time spent with releasing various activity reports. And, as time is money, implementing SIVADOC at the organization level will lead to increasing the work efficiency and quality, to reducing the physical documents archive, and its storage space.

AeL eContent

By means of the AeL Enterprise system, the participants have ongoing access to AeL interactive lessons, multimedia facilities and to a collaborative module. The projects are developed based on constructivist as well as student-centered approach. Each interactive lesson helps the learner to search, research and discover new solutions and to build up his/her own knowledge base, thus transforming the education process into a pleasant experience.

Among the professional fields approached by the courses carried out by SIVECO Romania, there are medicine and health management, information technology and communications, marketing and sales: sales management, improvement in occupations such as survey-cadastre, electrician and control engineering technician etc.

at the organization level will lead to increasing the work efficiency and quality, to reducing the physical documents archive, and its storage space.