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Introducing IT in Manufacturing – a strategic decision for gaining efficiency

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Given the development potential of the production sector, as well as the interest in accelerating the sector performances – on a macroeconomic level – SIVECO Romania has designed a software suite meant to automate the main processes occurring in the course of the production activities.

In the larger context occasioned by the penetration of some important global producers on the Romanian market and given the growing competition amongst domestic producers, more and more companies are currently looking for new resources for business support and development. In response to this actual situation, SIVECO Romania has developed its ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution, SIVECO Applications, whose exploitation has beneficial implications on the activity and, consequently, on the financial results of the companies operating in the production field.

The Production Management Solution – which is part of SIVECO Applications – is designed to meet the specific requirements of the operators in this area, placing at their disposal a set of instruments capable to fully revigorate the production process. Thanks to the implementation of SIVECO Applications, the companies in the production sector now find it possible to meet their main business objectives – such as increasing productivity, monitoring performances, controlling production processes or increasing information security.

The implementation of specialized software within production companies is, first of all, a manner of simplifying the operational flow and also a way of standardizing processes. The correct exploitation of the SIVECO Applications package, and particularly of the dedicated Production Management solution, ensures the optimization of the production process, the cost reduction and the profit increase by means of computerized management of inventory, planning, launching, and monitoring production, customer and supplier balance, consumption and profit centers income, etc. With the help of the information tools developed by SIVECO Romania, producers enjoy the opportunity to optimally allocate resources, so that they could meet their deadlines and keep prices up to a competitive level.

“By using the Production Management solution, the beneficiaries will gain overall effective management of the training activities, as well as of the programming, launching, monitoring and controlling the production processes. Moreover, by choosing to use the SIVECO Applications package, the production companies can synchronize their financial-accounting and budgetary activities with the fixed asset and inventory item management, while keeping a strict record of the stocks, acquisitions and costs. The control and the productive flow improvement are eventually translated into increased efficiency and better quality finished products”, states Cristina Chirvasie, Manufacturing Solution Sales Manager for SIVECO Romania.

Companies from various areas of the production sector are interested in becoming more focused in the business environment. In order to achieve this objective, many important companies in the Romanian economy have chosen to implement the Production Management solution, part of SIVECO Applications system. Operating both as part of the integrated system and individually, the Production Management module allows for defining a transparent and easily-co-ordinated and monitored process flow – not only from the perspective of resource allocation and usage, but also from the point of view of the end-product quality.

“The informatization of production companies is required in order to increase efficiency in this extremely complex activity sector, and, consequently, it is a major challenge for software developers and integrators. We are all aware that the significant progress towards modernizing this sector finds a solid foundation in the information technology and the intelligent software. This is why SIVECO Romania aims to contribute – through the complex functions of its solutions – to modernizing the activities in the Romanian production sector, while encouraging a European revigorated approach to working in this sector”, added Cristina Chirvasie.