Introducing IT in production processes reduces the costs of manufacture for specialized companies | SIVECO Romania

Introducing IT in production processes reduces the costs of manufacture for specialized companies

Monday, April 13, 2009

Bucharest, 13th of April 2009 - In response to the need for efficiency of companies, SIVECO Romania launched recently, the newest version of its ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), SIVECO Applications 2011. With expanded capabilities and benefits, the new suite of applications enhance economic activity of the main industries.

Affected by global economic recession, Romanian producers need more than ever by a strict control of costs and eliminate losses. SIVECO Applications 2011 support in overcoming difficulties exacerbated by the current economic situation.

SIVECO Applications 2011 ensure greater precision and accuracy in solving the basic activities. As a complex software tool, applications  are able to revive flow production, from preparating, programming, launching, to monitoring and evaluating of industrial processes.

"To become more competitive, manufacturers need Romanian tracking and managing complex production processes, and integration with other activities, purchasing, accounting or sales. Through its facilities, SIVECO Applications 2011 increase operational efficiency, reduce production costs and accelerate the producers adaptation of the market fluctuations",  said Cristina Chirvasie, Manufacturing Solution Sales Manager within SIVECO Romania.

SIVECO Applications 2011 can make accurate predictions on the necessary materials and can automate, optimize entire flow process. Producers can increase by 15% the volume of production, they can have better control of their budgets by reducing inventory and can reduce up to 40% of supply time for production of specific activity.

"By launching SIVECO Applications 2011, we offer to our customers a reliable and useful tool for companies. As for the applicability of the integrated system in the production, we have the certainty that it will allow beneficiaries to achieve anticipated business objectives. SIVECO Applications 2011 will provide superior economic results,"
added Cristina Chirvasie.