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An investment full of hope in Valea Jiului

Monday, June 2, 2003

Bucharest, 2nd June 2003 - By SIVECO Romania initiative, in association with Valea Jiului National Water Company (RAAVJ), three students from Mihai Eminescu College in Petroşani benefit, since July 2002, of monthly scholarships - this symbolic gesture is meant to give young people a chance in this economically challenged area and it is also a signal for other companies to contribute to Valea Jiului reconstruction.

As it strongly believes that Valea Jiului reconstruction is only possible by its inhabitants efforts and that the young generation will be the first to perform such changes, SIVECO Romania agreed with Mihai Eminescu College management in Petroşani (a school with exceptional results at national level) to give a chance to three students who, because of the lack of material resources, cannot turn into goods account their skills. 

"Valea Jiului is much more than coal; it is also about human values which must be known and valued", believes Mircea Muntenu, the high school principle, referring to personalities such as Ludovic Bacs, born and formed in Valea Jiului. Students with extraordinary results at school competitions in Informatics, Maths, Chemistry, foreign languages study in Valea Jiului - actually these schools have partnerships with schools in Italy, Spain, Portugal.

Three months ago, Mihai Eminescu College received, according to SEI program, a computerized laboratory, including 26 Fujitsu Siemens computers and AEL e-Learning platform.

Teachers, students and city inhabitants were extremely proud, as the laboratory is a premiere in the area. Even the City Hall contributed to the arrangement of the classroom where the computers were to be installed. This lab has recently hosted the certification of 12th form students, in the presence of local personalities and media, to the high school teachers satisfaction, who were proud to see their students’ performances.

"Our students write the five high schools newspapers; it is here as well that teachers prepare their lessons", Munteanu says.      

All the three students who won the scholarship, supported by SIVECO Romania, Maria Vană (9th form), Ioan Alexandru Patrichi (10th form) and Ionuţ George Ioniţă (11th form), study at Informatics Maths section, but have as well special extra school preoccupations, according to the career they want to follow.  For instance, Maria wants to become a doctor, Alexandru, who has won several Maths competitions, wants to become an architect, while Ionut wants to turn to good account his exceptional Maths and Informatics results.

These children unfortunately have a difficult family or material situation - they are anxious to prove they are able to achieve remarkable results if they are offered some support. 

Their relationship with SIVECO is first and foremost a personal one - during this year it has permanently consolidated, proving that, by human solidarity, work and perseverance, things can be changed for the better.

"This support is extremely useful to us - Alexandru’s greatest wish is to become an architect and that’s why he has been preparing very seriously for this - I’m very happy he can thus find English books and materials by himself. You have to know he has been working very hard in order to have access to this scholarship - we live in Aninoasa, so he has to go every day to Petrosani, which is 10 km further", says Daniela Paşca, Alexandru’s mother, Drawing teacher at Aninoasa school.

For SIVECO Romania this sponsorship is included in the humanitarian action series by which the company wants to support the community it is part of, considering that it will improve, by common efforts, the life of the Romanian society from all points of view. 

"We are very conscious that our gesture is a symbolic one", declares Irina SOCOL, General Manager, SIVECO Romania. "We hope that this connection with children in Valea Jiului will soon turn into collaboration projects in which they’ll have the chance to be more responsible and involved  - so that other colleagues will benefit as well of such advantages. SIVECO CUP educational soft competition, which we have launched this year, is such an example. Student teams who create innovative educational materials benefit of substantial rewards."

About AEL

Computerized Educational System was initiated by the Group for Promoting the Information Technology in spring 2001.

During the first program stage computerized labs based on latest technologies have been installed in 120 high schools and vocational schools in all important cities in Romania.

Presently such labs are installed in 1220 high schools all over the country - the action will continue in the over 6000 Romanian schools.

SEL educational reform program supports the reform objectives, being in accordance with e-Europe strategy released by the European Commission. It is as well part of the European e-Learning initiative.

SEI is a complex, long program, involving numerous human and material resources. 

AEL (Educational Assistant for Schools and High-schools) is an integrated system assisting pupils, teachers and all the participants at the learning process developed by SIVECO Romania and constitutes the axis of the software applications in the information program of the Romanian schools.

The AEL system is built up based on modern educational methods, which conform to the three stages generally defining the educational process: obtaining basic knowledge, developing the tactical and strategic thinking.

The didactical support provided for teaching includes tutorials, exercises, simulations, problem solving and educative games. The system has on an electronic center of information based on manuals in electronic form and with a content exceeding the usual text presentation. It contains as well other materials, in different forms of presentation, including a variety of multimedia content (video demonstrations, step-by-step presentations, animations). The knowledge base offers search functions by key words, templates, areas of interest.

The system aims to integrate both basic applications (such as programs for typing learning) and office tools, complex simulation devices in different fields and others.

The system provides as well facilities for student appraisal and assistance for activity and performance management and monitoring at school and teacher level.


Organized by SIVECO Romania in association with the Ministry of Education and Research and PC Magazine, the national educational software contest "SIVECO CUP" represents a premiere from many points of view.

This is the first scholar competition where the jury commission has a tutor part - in other words, it takes part in correcting the accomplishment strategies of the competitors without modifying the points they have obtained.

What is absolutely new about the "SIVECO CUP" is that it has a real end: all the valuable products presented during the competition, no matter the position in the final classification, will be included in the undergraduate education training program.

Dedicated to the gifted pupils with skills in implementing educational informatics applications but also to the teachers creating innovative ways of learning, the contest is considered extremely interesting. For more details about the contest and its rules you can visit