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Investments in employees – the right way towards global competitiveness

Friday, May 23, 2008

SIVECO Romania is one of the most important players on the local and regional IT markets as well as a company visible through the best domestic employers. What makes it different from the rest of the companies is the value of its approximately 800 people working in SIVECO and the investments that happen annually for their professional evolution. Thus, according to the human resources strategy of the company, over 90% of SIVECO employees participate to training programs each year, no matter of the position held in the organizational hierarchy.  

Annually, the SIVECO management invests an important share of its budget in training the employees. All the positions inside the organization are taken into consideration and all the types of training also: “on the job” training, mentoring, courses, team building etc. The training facilities cover a large area of courses, from technical ones – like programming or database administration to project management or MBA courses. Other types of training offered to the employees are courses regarding the development of communication, presentation, negotiation or leadership abilities, customer care etc. A carefully planned training schedule exists for each SIVECO employee, closely related to her/his individual career plan. 

According to the internal studies developed by SIVECO Romania, the medium value invested in an employee during a period of time of a year reaches 500 euros (while 87 euros represent the annual average per employee in Romania, according to the most recent Romanian HR Profile research). 

The investments made in the employees are, in fact, long-term investments, that can be seen in the business success as well. One of the most important future projects of the company targets the development of the leadership abilities of the future managers as well as of the potential that juniors also have. SIVECO Romania represents an organization in continuous change, finding in its team the strength for overcoming the challenges occurring on the national and international market in order to stay globally competitive. 

“We are a company that keeps the promises it makes to its employees - we offer a top salary and training package for the IT industry. Specialists that perform are rapidly confronted with career growing opportunities”, declares Daniela Bichir, Vice-President Quality & Human Resources, SIVECO Romania.