Irina Socol, „Business Woman of the Year” | SIVECO Romania

Irina Socol, „Business Woman of the Year”

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Bucharest, 08th of March 2007 – The second edition of the Annual Investment Awards, recently organized by Business Review, meant to certify in an upright and transparent manner the merits of the Romanian business community.

This year, The “Business Woman of the Year” award was attributed to Irina Socol, the General Manager of SIVECO Romania. This award comes as a retribution for the special managerial qualities she proved during the year 2006 as well as in her entire carrier.

The distinction outlines the value a smart and progressive management has for a company and comes also as a retribution for the involvement of Irina Socol in the impressive evolution of the company – to believe in the SIVECO team’s exceptional resources and to stimulate it continuously.

“I am proud of SIVECO’s accomplishments in 2006 and I am grateful for the motivation imposed us by Business Review in order to understand the business success as a result of our collective approach. The identification of each one of us with the company is an amazing thing. Maybe this is the most valuable success of my fifteen years spent as General Manager of SIVECO Romania. I believe that when you succeed in harmonizing the employees’ objectives with the organizational ones, you will arrive in that desired point along with them. I have the certainty that 2007 will bring even better results”, says Irina Socol, General Manager of SIVECO Romania.

The Business Review award refers to the successful carrier of one of the most important figures of the Romanian IT sector. Irina Socol promotes professionalism, responsibility, quality and customer – care inside the organization. “We intend to always be close to our clients because their satisfaction is essential for the quality of our products and services”, says Irina Socol.