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Irina Socol received the European Prize for Female Entrepreneurship

Friday, June 4, 2010

European Union authorities are involved in stimulating the female entrepreneurship

Bucharest, 4th of June 2010 - The "European female entrepreneurship" contest has designated its winners. Irina Socol, President and CEO of SIVECO Romania, has received the trophy "Prix scientifique" from Mrs. Constance Le Grip, member of the European Parliament, and from Mrs. Barbara Drillsma, vice-president of European Science Journalists Association, during a ceremony organized at the European Parliament headquarters, in Brussels.

Statistics show that, at the EU level, only 30% of women are entrepreneurs, while EU authorities prove an increasing interest for eliminating such gender differencies.

Irina Socol is the first Romanian businesswoman awarded in this European competition.

The award was granted in the presence of representatives of the European Parliament and of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Paris wanting to appreciate and encourage the female initiatives in the European business world.

The competitions' jury was formed of editors from economic publications in Belgium and France (EUSJA) and of the board of directors of network, a network dedicated to European's women. The jury has objectively analized the individual performances of each of the 16 personalities nominated in this competition.

Along with Irina Socol, have received awards the following: Adrienne Axler, director Sodexo (at the Economy category), Liliana Andrade and Marcela Manrique (at the Ecology category), Isabella Lenarduzzi from ISAMEDIA (Press Prize), Eugénie Triebel and Bérangère Florin (entrepreneur Students), Corentine Quiniou (Prize of the Wimadame network).

"It is a great honor for me to be in the European Parliament, in the presence of numerous political personalities, along with women who have succeeded in doing successful business in Europe - true personalities. The entrepreneurship award is a recognition for all those having the courage, tenacity and determination, women and man who take responsibility in leading businesses. These people make the economy run. I consider this prize as being a team one, as for 19 years now, along with my colleagues, I have been building projects meant to contribute to eliminating the digital gap and, by default, to improving people's life", said Irina Socol, President & CEO of SIVECO Romania.

The award ceremony was followed by the conference on the topic "Female entrepreneurship - an European Commission initiative", held by Anna Danti, General Manager for Companies and Industry within the Commission.