Irina Socol is in the top of the best entrepreneurs in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) | SIVECO Romania

Irina Socol is in the top of the best entrepreneurs in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The annual "Stevie Awards" Gala, held in New York, has nominated the top entrepreneurs and executives in the world.

Bucharest, 22nd of November 2011 - Romanian entrepreneurship get best grade from the jury of the competition "Stevie Awards for Women in Business"!

SIVECO Romania is nominated twice in the category "best entrepreneur in Europe, Middle East and Africa" (Best entrepreneur in EMEA): Irina Socol and in the category "Business Helping Women".

The President and CEO of SIVECO Romania is in the top of entrepreneurs from the EMEA region, along with her peers from Great Britain, and the Netherlands. The Jury has appreciated the continuously ascending path of the company lead by Irina Socol and the large projects of introducing It carried out over the 20 years of activity in the field of education, health, agriculture, customs, banks and for introducing IT into private companies as well.

The Category "Women Helping Women" has acknowledged the value of projects dedicated to women?s promotion, developed by the company lead by Irina Socol.

Thus, SIVECO Romania is actively involved in the RENOVA project, ensuring the know-how transfer for the healthcare staff throughout the entire Europe, to develop their professional skills as managers. The project aims at organizing two pilot training centers in Romania and Poland where 100 medical nurses are trained - 60 from Romania and 40 from Poland.

The project "Equal opportunities for successful careers", where SIVECO Romania is partner, has a target group 800 women with responsibilities in the field of human resources and 900 women searching for employment. The project contributes to increasing the employment chances, as well as to reducing the social stereotypes regarding the woman?s role at the workplace, by promoting non-discriminatory policies for women?s recruitment, and their further career development.

About Stevie Awards

The Stevie Awards competition honors and publicly acknowledges the achievements and positive contributions of organizations and businessmen worldwide. Starting with 2004, the competition celebrates annually the businesswomen, bringing forward in the mass media, the business community an\d the large audience those personalities who have succeeded in managing successful businesses, generating value for the organization and community.

The Stevie Awards for women are governed by a council of assessors, specialists in the field of global business.