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Innovative projects of Romanian teachers, awarded at European level

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The competition Learning with Light, organized within the project Inspiring Science Education, awarded the most successful science lessons developed with digital instruments

The Jury of the European competition Learning with Light, organized within the project Inspiring Science Education, has recently drawn up the finalists’ list and granted special recognition to the innovative projects. One of this special recognition (Highly Commended Certificate) goes to Romania, being awarded to an innovative application, carried out by Mrs. Cristina Nicolaiță, science teacher at the Gymnasium school Gheorghe Magheru in Caracal. 

The Romanian application “Sources of light. The rectilinear conveyance of light” explains, with help of innovative digital resources, two great scientific ideas: how do celestial bodies influence each other and how our solar system is just a small part of one of the million of galaxies in the Universe. The application is based on resources made available by the portal of project Inspiring Science Education: videos about the eclipse, the sun and the moon, pictures illustrating planets, constellations, galaxies and various celestial bodies or spectacular phenomena from the space. The pupils have been continuously involved in the research and production activities, while the final result was appreciated for the ingenuity, creativity and attractiveness of the methods used.

“We are happy that Romanian teachers have participated in this competition too, as they have the power to build the citizens of tomorrow’s world. Their project’s recognition at European level confirms the good direction our country is heading to, namely that of transforming the educational process into a pleasant activity, where teachers guide pupils to perform their own scientific discoveries and training their imagination. The project ISE - Inspiring Science Education, where SIVECO România, along with its partners from 15 European countries, has developed a series of digital tools, is in fact a project meant to transform the scientific education into a challenge both for pupils and teachers”, states Ana-Maria Bâldea, project manager for Inspiring Science Education, within SIVECO Romania.

The finalists will have the chance to participate in the international festival for science teaching - Science on Stage - to be held in London, 17-20 June 2015. The competition’s big winner will be announced on June 20, within the festival, and will be rewarded with data collection devices and top notch sensors.

The project Inspiring Science Education, where SIVECO Romania is partner and at the same time national coordinator, aims at promoting sciences and transforming education in the scientific field into an activity attractive and relevant for pupils, by facilitating access to state of the art interactive tools and to digital resources, even in the classroom. Thus, teachers get a central stage role in education, and stimulate pupils in the learning process through observation and discovery and determine them to understand the manner in which natural and scientific phenomena do manifest, from subjects such as Sciences, Technologies, Engineering and Math in a practical, fast and attractive way.

The project has a major importance at European level, as: it facilitates accessing interactive instruments by means of which teachers can carry out various virtual laboratories and relevant scenarios they can use in the classroom, it encourages schools’ collaboration both at national and European level, provides eScience applications that can be integrated with extra-curricular activities, like excursions to scientific centres and virtual visits to research centers, too.

The project Inspiring Science Education will be implemented in 5,000 primary and secondary schools from 15 European countries, including also over 400 schools in Romania.

The competition Learning with Light, organized with the project Inspiring Science Education, took place in the period of September 2014 – April 2015 and aimed to recognize and reward innovative practices in science teaching, as well as the use of digital resources in projects focused on the topic of Light.

The name of all finalists, as well as thank you notes addressed to all the participants, and especially the competition’s jury, who had a tough task in selecting the best, are posted on the project web site,