The IT Based Educational System – a continuous process, whose progresses depend on the end-users’ involvement and feedback | SIVECO Romania

The IT Based Educational System – a continuous process, whose progresses depend on the end-users’ involvement and feedback

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Bucharest, January 25th 2005 – At the end of last week, a debate on  IT&C Resources for Education” organized by Unirea National College, Focsani City Hall and Vrancea County School Inspectorate took place in Focsani.

SIVECO Romania’s representatives took part in the event, as the company develops AeL, the eLearning platform which acquired national and international recognition.

 Actually, the first part of the event was dedicated to a contest, the winning pupils counting among the national educational software contest SIVECO CUP, a competition which reaches its third edition this year.

A special interest was paid to the debate on « Strategies for increasing the IT&C use in education », in which took part  teachers, pupils, inspectors, and representatives of significant educational software developers and specialist in the computer assisted learning.

The debates comprised different aspects of the currently running IT Based educational reform in the undergraduate learning system and proposals for continuing the positive results generated by the SEI project.

« SEI is much more than a simple delivery of software and hardware components. It means training, customization, technical support, configuration and, more important the know-how transfer from the project suppliers to the system », said Florin Ilia, Manager of the Internet Space Department within SIVECO Romania.

The most eloquent example is that the Professorial Core Houses from the majority of the counties are holding accredited courses for basic IT skills and use of the eLearning products without any involvement of the suppliers, courses that can be attended gradually by all the teachers enrolled in the undergraduate learning system.”

Initiatives of this kind contributes to generating a mechanism which enables the system to sustain itself, providing training for the next generations of teachers.

As it came up from the discussions, the efforts made by suppliers for know-how transfer and progresses in using IT&C in education do not hesitate to show.

If there was a discouraging 7% of teachers able to start up a computer in early 2000, in the last 3 years more than 20.000 out of the 60.000 high school teachers were trained in using IT&C in education only within SEI.

« We are facing the first coherent national project for IT use, I have the example of the Suceava county, where there are 753 untrained teachers, but 950 trained. And it started from zero » said George Vlad from County School Inspectorate.

These examples are becoming more and more numerous, and definitely proves that the IT Based Educational System is a complex process, in which the end – users involvement is essential.