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IT-Based Educational System (SEI) - stairway to the school of the future

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Bucharest, 22nd of November 2005 - At the 11th edition of Romanian Computer Show (RoCS), SIVECO Romania received the Excellency Award for the IT-Based Educational System (SEI). This award is a new recognition for the project, its  value being recognized in prestigious international competition such as „World Summit Award 2005”, within the World Summit  for Information Society (Tunis) or eEurope Awards for eGovernment (Manchester), organized by European Commission.

Considering SEI as one of the most ambitious projects in Romanian society, IDG Romania has been a constant supporter of this project, appreciating its impact in all educational areas (didactic area, school resources management, national exams, communication and social programs in education), as well as the project quantitative and qualitative results

We can mention here that SEI project caught the attention of the European Commission from its start in 2001, when the Computerized Distribution for high shcool application (ADLIC) received the “Best practice” distinction within the European eGoverment Conference in Bruxelles - „From theory to practice”, and AeL eLearning Platform was nominated to the IST Prize 2004, the equivalent of European Oscar in IT&C domain.

Thanking IDG team for this award, Stefan Morcov, Project Manager within SIVECO Romania added: “SEI implementation is considered a „regional best-practice” in Europe. At the end of the forth stage of the project, in Romania will be over 7 million SEI beneficiaries, persons involved directly or indirectly - pupils, teachers, instructors, administrative personnel, parents; 2.900.000 pupils and over 110.000 teachers who have access to AeL eLearning Platform and electronic didactic materials; 4.780 computerized laboratories; 52.000 trained teachers; 1.700 multimedia lessons, dictionaries, encyclopedias. We can say that the transition era of the Romanian educational system is finished and that we are now in the consolidation era”.