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Romanian GREEN Project in the final of prestigious competition European IT & Software Excellence Awards

Thursday, February 13, 2014
Romania receives international recognition for increasing efficiency of the process of labor force migration abroad

The GREEN project qualified among the finalists in the Category "Information & Document Management", at the competition European IT & Software Excellence Awards, dedicated to people looking for a job abroad. The project was carried out entirely with Romanian know-how and technology, being implemented at the National Employment Agency (ANOFM), in partnership with SIVECO Romania.

GREEN, fully named "Efficient management of resources in view of improving the quality of services provided to persons looking for a job, but also of saving natural resources", is using a high performing information system for the documents management based on SIVADOC product, created by SIVECO Romania. The project was contracted by ANOFM and was funded from the European Social Fund through the Sectorial Operational Program Human Resources Development 2007-2013, contract no. POSDRU/94/4.1/S/61173.

SIVADOC is a high performing information system for the documents and workflows management. This allows for centralized documents’ management, generating documents based on templates and automatic transmission on workflows. The users can access very quickly updated information regarding the documents’ status, can set deadlines depending on the type of documents and can receive warnings regarding the running activities. The system allows scanning and organizing the documents archive, by using barcodes.

The documents management solution is currently used at national level in the 48 ANOFM agencies (41 counties, National Agency HQ and six local agencies) for the EURES (EURopean Employment Services) service, during the process of labor force migration abroad. The project has lead to results also at local level, helping the ANOFM employees create the electronic archive very quickly, including for the documents provided by the citizens applying for a job abroad. Users appreciate the system increases the efficiency of their work and it is an easy to use tool for the day-to-day activity.

"The GREEN Project has managed to increase the efficiency of activities within ANOFM and has improved organizing, control of documents and information used by the EURES service. The outstanding collaboration of the entire team ensured the successful project implementation nationwide", declared Irina Persa, Project Manager, ANOFM.

ANOFM has benefitted, according to the project, from multi-functional devices, hardware infrastructure and software implementation services. In order to use the information system based on the SIVADOC product, ANOFM staff was trained and granted technical assistance. Through delivering the documents and workflows management system, GREEN project is considered a „green” environment initiative, as it helps in reducing the consumption of natural resources for documents management.

"The SIVADOC product for the documents management which was the basis for the technical solution in the GREEN project is quickly and efficiently solving the problems regarding versioning, organizing, transmission over the approval flow and archiving all the documents within the organization. Through this project, SIVECO Romania is also part taking in lowering the costs for ANOFM by reducing the quantity of paper used, having a positive impact on the environment", declared Ionut Arsene, Project Manager, SIVECO Romania.

Company SIVECO Romania has a rich history related to awards of "European IT & Software Excellence Awards", being declared winner for eight times with its solutions implemented for various beneficiaries.