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An exceptional success for Romanian health insurance system and computer scientists at the European IT & Software Excellence Awards

Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Romanian Electronic Prescription IT System won the European IT & Software Excellence Award at the Enterprise Solution of the Year category

Romanian computing registered a brilliant success at the European IT & Software Excellence Awards competition.

The Electronic Prescription IT System developed for the Romanian National Health Insurance House won the Winner title in the: Enterprise Solution of the Year category within European IT & Software Excellence Awards Gala.

The system has been developed by HP Romania, as contractor and integrator, and SIVECO Romania, as subcontractor. The solution is implementing a control system for compensated and free prescriptions, assisting the medical prescribing process and helping to reducing potential errors.

The project also is appreciated for the improving of drug release process, real-time monitoring of free and compensated drug demand and consumption in Romania, as well as for reducing the fraud possibilities at the Unique National Fund for Health Insurance.

"The implementation of Electronic Prescription IT System provides real-time monitoring of drug consumption in Romania, substantially reduces potential errors and fraud, by issuing a system of control and supervision of the prescription. The Electronic Prescription is an essential component of the IT platform whose development continues with the implementation of the National Health Card and the launch of Patient’s Electronic Record", said Radu Ţibichi, Romanian National Health Insurance House President.

"Switching to electronic prescription marks a profound change in the Romanian health system which was based until now almost entirely on handwritten papers. We know that the European IT & Software Excellence Awards jury evaluation is a very demanding one, and this year the value of the projects was high”, says Radu Enache, CEO, Hewlett-Packard Romania.

 The IT solution implemented in Romania reduces the risk of human errors and increases patients’ confidence in the local health system through the accuracy of the prescription. It also reduces significantly the waiting time in the pharmacies.

The project for the Electronic Prescription IT System started on February 1st, 2012. As of January 1st, 2013, the drug prescriptions are issued based only on the IT system, until now been issued more than 50 million electronic prescriptions.

"We are honored by this award as the competition was very challenging. All the projects selected for the final phase were very complex and with high impact. 80 companies from 16 countries participated this year. We develop numerous projects in 27 countries on four continents. From this perspective, we appreciate that the IT System from the National Health Insurance was one of the most difficult projects we have been through. Huge efforts were made, but we are pleased to see extraordinary results of these efforts”, says Dragoş Dobran, Head of eHealth Department, SIVECO Romania.

European IT & Software Excellence Awards, one of the most known European competitions, selects and rewards every year software developers and vendors with outstanding performances in the development and delivery of software products.

Electronic Prescription IT System is a project funded by the Sectorial Operational Program "The Increase of Economic Competitiveness", co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund "Investments for your future".

About CNAS
National Health Insurance House (CNAS) is a public, autonomous institution of national interest, with juridical identity, whose main activity object is to provide unified and coordinated functioning of the social health insurance system from Romania.

Social health insurance system from Romania is the main financing system of population’s health care that provides access to a basic package for insured individuals: medical services, health care services, medications, medical supplies, medical devices and other services the insured are in title supported from the unique national social health insurances.

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