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IT - a necessary step in the alignment to the European structures

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Bucharest, 12th of July 2006 - The most important representatives of transportation industry reunited recently in Bucharest within the international conference „Modernization of Transport Infrastructure in Romania and ECC -  Road to EU Accession” for discussing the policies and development strategies in order to meet EU standards.

Professionals and expert, consultants and investors in the industry, companies from private sector discussed about the future actions, projects, solutions and investments for the transport sector liberalization in the Eastern Europe.

Present within the conference, SIVECO Romania underlined the important role that the latest technologies have in modernizing transportation industry, and presented the advantages of implementing an EAS solution within CFR Călători, CFR Marfă and CFR SA.

The National Railway Company has now a unitary system that ensures unified and standard information, but also gives the possibility of obtaining in real time consolidated managerial situations regarding the activity of the companies.

„Adopting and implementing modern IT solutions is a necessary step within the process of development and modernization of the national railway system. The implementation of a secured integrated system within CFR Călători, CFR Marfă and CFR SA met the business requirements of the three railway companies, but also the requirements of the Ministry of Transportation, internal and external auditors, thus contributing to the alignment of the three railway companies to the international standards but also to  a higher competitivness of the railway companies on the Romanian transport market” declares Ion Sadoveanu, Account Manager within SIVECO Romania.