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IT Professional certification in the "SEI" Lab

Friday, May 21, 2004

21th of May 2004 - The SIVECO CUP initiative created a true emulation for educational software development: guided by a generous teacher, Mrs. Silvia TĂTARU, the pupils from the two 12th grade IT - profile classes from the Codlea Theoretical High school took their professional IT certification on the 20th of May in a quite different manner. They repaired for the exam educational software projects, which they presented before the jury with the help of the AEL eLearning platform in the "SEI" lab.

The young programmers worked both individually and in teams, in order to develop tutorials, geography or IT lessons. Altogether they formed a real family: the educational software producers from Codlea.

"The time spent working on the computer with the AEL platform is definitely a gain for us. The children learnt many different things by developing interactive lessons they and their younger colleagues can use later. This celebration is a gift from the pupils to their school, today, when we celebrate 70 years from the establishment. Personally, I feel like I gained a real family", says Silvia Tataru, a teacher even more excited than her pupils.

The authors of the most valuable applications were awarded by SIVECO Romania.