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SIVECO’s IT solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME)

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Within the “Solutions for SMEs Development” conference held in Cluj, SIVECO’s representatives have presented the advantages of IT solutions committed to enterprise performance

Are Small and Medium Enterprises the engine of the economy? “Yes!” this is the answer given at the “Solutions for SME Development” debate, organized by Agora and BTL Design, with business representatives from Cluj.

98% of “Top 25.000 companies in Romania” are SMEs. According to recent statistics, SMEs produce revenues of 103,7 billion euro, while large companies produce 97,5 billion euro.

The European Commission’s policy regarding SMEs focuses on promoting the entrepreneurship and competency, improving SMEs access to markets, reducing bureaucracy, improving SMEs growth potential and reinforcing dialogue and consultation with the stakeholders.

Starting from these realities and market demands, the specialists from SIVECO Romania have designed an integrated offer with IT solutions for SMEs.

“Our applications empower SMEs to strengthen their businesses through rigorous human resources, financial and material management. The price for this offer is adapted to this kind of companies”, said Monica Bîrlea, Area Manager SIVECO Romania.

The Enterprise Application Suite (EAS) - SIVECO Applications 2020 include a broad range of applications, 100% adapted to current business and legislative requirements.

Due of its modular structure and complex functionalities, SIVECO Applications 2020 covers all the activities of a company, providing effective resource management, data flow automation and information flows redesign, data consistency and coherence, as well as fast data retrieval and reporting.

The two new components of the SIVECO Applications 2020 - Employee Performance Management and Online Access to Employees Information - provides a clear image of the employees' training level and the way their competencies meet the job requirements, as well as the training needs of stuff in every SME. Employees have access to work related professional information, to job openings and training opportunities.

The fourth version of the IT solution SIVADOC, completely re-technologies, was recently launched on the Romanian market. The new solution allows efficient document and workflows management through Cloud technology, consistently contributing at reducing expenses, creating an efficient work environment, and providing transparency and promptness with clients.

SIVECO Business Analyzer can become the dashboard of any SME manager. "In its actual version, the system is designed for tablet and Smartphone and offers an alert facility - through mail or SMS – so the manager can receive reports from the IT system at certain predefined time spans”, said Monica Bîrlea.

All these solutions are designed to empower SMEs to be competitive and to critically contribute, on short term, to the growth of their profitability.