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IT solutions provide mobility to HR professionals, while increasing their performance

Friday, September 4, 2015

The applications for the employees’ performance management, developed by SIVECO, facilitate the work of HR professionals considerably

The Human resources departments are faced with an important blockage in their activity - knowing and managing the employees’ competences, of their level of training and their training needs. Moreover, high piles of papers and files with employees’ information often make their job toilsome.

In order to ease the work of human resources professionals, SIVECO Romania has launched two software solutions: Employees performance management and online access to information for employees. The applications provide mobility and flexibility in use, as they can be accesses from also by mobile devices by the managers in private or public companies, from any field of activity, by the HR professionals and by employees.

„The applications of employees’ performance management provided by SIVECO operate in the on-premises and Cloud architecture, providing users with maximum. In Cloud, data regarding the employees are managed at central level, and they can be accessed online by all authorized users, from any mobile device. Thus, the company is no longer forced to invest in hardware components, dedicated servers or in maintenance services. Moreover, the information can be accesses online, anytime and from anywhere, eliminating the need for printing it on paper”, says Stefanita Ghita, SIVECO Applications Development Manager.

The two applications developed by SIVECO help HR professionals in performing the assessment of all employees in the shortest time and in a safe manner, in compliance with the internal norms and regulations and the legislation in force.

The applications cover all the aspects related to employees’ performance management, adjusts to the each company’s specificity and contribute, in a controlled environment, to increasing the efficiency of the company’s activity. Furthermore, the solutions ensure human error elimination, and, being saved online, prevent loss, theft or destruction of precious information on the employees following accidents or natural disasters.

For the efficient implementation of IT solutions dedicated to employees’ performance management, SIVECO specialists pay special attention both to the actual implementation process, and to users training and the post-implementation technical support services.

The applications of Employees' Performance Management and Employees Online Access to Information are components of the integrated solution SIVECO Applications 2020 Project:Cloud, covering all the activities within a company.

To date, SIVECO Romania has successfully implemented over 3,500 IT projects for its local customers, as well as customers from other EU countries, Middle East, North Africa and the Community of Independent States area.