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IT support for restoring the prehistoric community

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The research project Habitat makes an incursion into the past of society and environmental conditions using geological and archaeological information

How did people lived in ancient times and how did they used to interact with the environment and with sources of raw materials? A research project, Habitat, has as theme the restoration of prehistoric society, gathering experts from the Institute of Archaeology „Vasile Parvan” in Bucharest (project coordinator), SIVECO Romania and the Institute of Interdisciplinary Research in Bio-Nano Sciences in Cluj-Napoca (as partners).

The relationship between man, society and the natural environment cannot be understood globally only by means of traditional archeology, but also on a range of diverse approaches, such as pedological, sedimentological or palynological analysis, structure, composition and technology of various artifacts, based on a range of samples from key sites targeted for targeted eras.

"The main objective of the project is the design, definition, development and testing the functional model of GIS (Geographic Information System) specific to archeology, for restoring the interactions of human communities with the environment and the sources of raw materials. This is the task that our specialists will have to handle. We'll find out the dynamic of the habitat over several Pre- and proto-historical eras (from the Paleolithic to the Iron Age II), and we will be able to define the structures of working, housing and specialization, but also the adaptability of human communities in a certain space and time", says Manuela Enache, ProjectManager, SIVECO Romania.

The archaeology Institute "Vasile Parvan" has a very rich library of archaeological documentation, an impressive amount of materials from systematic excavations, and highly qualified personnel for major issues of the targeted eras. The sampling and selection activities, the interpretation and correlation of the results are part of its area of jurisdiction.

The Institute for Interdisciplinary Research in Bio-Nano-Science (project partner) has a team of analytical experts in the targeted fields, and the latest equipment, ensuring a high degree of accuracy and reliability of the envisaged analyzes.

The expected results will be disseminated in the form of inter and multidisciplinary studies in publications with impact at national and international and through conferences with well-known participants in the field.

The project has a duration of 30 months and will end on 31.12.2016.