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It's simple, e-Chemistry!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Bucharest,1st November 2010

Chemistry is cool! Chemistry teachers know that, it's time pupils should learn about it.

The program launching today aims at providing high school and gymnasium teachers with the most appropriate pedagogic tools to make chemistry more attractive and easy to learn for pupils. The Bucharest Polytechnic University - Faculty of Applied Chemistry and Materials Science, along with Polytechnic University in Timişoara and SIVECO Romania S.A. have started the series of professional training for chemistry teachers in the pre-university system. More than half of some 4,000 chemistry teachers in the country will attend - during a period of two years - courses for IT and communication use and specialty training courses, accumulating 37 non-transferable credits.

"Are we in the European Union, right? We have to align to the regulations to which we have adhered, don't we? Well, who do you think will release the analysis bulletins for conformity of food Romanian companies produce? Who will judge the complaints registered at the Office for Consumer Protection? Who will check the pollution status of environment we live in? Who will discover new medicine? The chemists! As we do not have enough chemists, as pupils, generally consider chemistry a too difficult subject to study. I am convinced, along with the project team, that we will help teachers in pre-university education to show them how beautiful this subject and how much satisfaction it can bring exercising a profession in this field. Very many of them already do this, but through this program we will provide them with additional, attractive and easy to use instruments. We are waiting for them to register in large numbers", has stated program coordinator prof. dr. ing. Ana Maria Josceanu.

The teachers will have the possibility to register on the web site, where they can opt for the preferred period and for the nearest town, and the courses will effectively start in June 2011. Registration will be done on the "first come, first served" principle for all teaching chemistry (there is no selection procedure). Each learner will go through two course modules: for ITC introduction /improvement (40 hours) and for specific professional training (96 hours). The target group is formed of 2,250 teachers working in the pre-university education.

The project POSDRU/87/1.3/S/61839 "Looking to the future - Professional training of teaching staff for using modern IT resources is efficient teaching of chemistry" is funded from European funds and runs in the period September 2010 - August 2012, under the coordination of the Bucharest Polytechnic University, in partnership with SIVECO Romania S.A. and Polytechnic University in Timişoara.

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