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10,000 students from Kazakhstan use e-Lessons made in Romania

Thursday, October 16, 2014

SIVECO provides the most modern educational programs for primary, secondary and high schools from Republic of Kazakhstan

SIVECO Romania started the collaboration with Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools to develop digital educational content for mathematics, informatics, arts and music disciplines.

Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools (NIS) is a network of 16 primary, secondary and high schools located throughout the Republic of Kazakhstan that benefits from the most modern educational programs.

In 2013, SIVECO Romania developed for NIS “Geometria Astana” a digital educational manual in three languages Kazak, Russian and English. This manual runs on different operating systems on local or mobile equipment. ”Astana’s Geometry” has information on the most imposing buildings and touristic objectives of the capital of Kazakhstan. The manual uses the futuristic buildings of Astana as models for the geometry problems. The digital manual is used by 10,000 students who study in Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools and it was designed to help them learn more about Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, but also to consolidate their interest in studying geometry.

SIVECO Romania supports the governmental program for educational development in Kazakhstan, but it also develops projects on different coverage scale.

An example is the partnership with the National Museum of Republic of Kazakhstan, which was officially opened on July 6th 2014. The National Museum of Republic of Kazakhstan is an unique project in Central Asia and covers 75,000 square meters surface. The museum hosts archeological, ethnographic, historical-cultural objects of Kazakhstan from ancient times to present.

The collaboration of SIVECO Romania with the National Museum of Republic of Kazakhstan consisted in developing an Interactive Multimedia Guide of Astana city on 20 of the most important touristic objectives from Astana. It includes multimedia elements of vast complexity, such as panoramic pictures and 3D models of touristic objectives. Museum visitors can virtually walk on Astana city streets and visualize touristic objective both from inside and outside”, said Radu Jugureanu, AeL eContent Department Director, SIVECO.

In a first project developed in 2012 in partnership with Information the Technology National Center from Kazakhstan, SIVECO Romania developed over 4,200 interactive multimedia resources in Russian and Kazak languages that were implemented in 537 educational centers from Kazakhstan, for 4 disciplines (mathematics, algebra, geometry, and physics) and 19 vocational disciplines.

The digital educational content solution developed within eLearning project from Kazakhstan brought us and our partner – Information Technology National Center from Kazakhstan (CNI) - the Finalist title within European IT & Software Excellence Awards 2013 competition for ”Best solutions for public sector”, and also the International Project Management Association Bronze medal for Excellence. We are honored to receive international recognitions but our joy is even greater when we can share this honor with our clients”, said Florin Ilia, President and CEO SIVECO.

SIVECO Romania develops eLearning integral solutions, represented by virtual libraries that are so important for teaching, learning, evaluation and multimedia educational content management, but also other complementary tools to improve educational process (educational portals, virtual labs) in over 20 countries from four continents.