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Launch of the strategic program "Rural Entrepreneur"- co-funded by the European Social Fund

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Launch of the strategic program "Rural entrepreneur"- co-funded by the European Social Fund

Date: 29.09.2010

On September 29th, the National Young Managers Foundation- FNTM has held a press conference to officially launch the strategic program "Rural entrepreneur" - co-funded from the European Social Fund.

The strategic program "Rural entrepreneur" is implemented by the National Young Managers Foundation - FNTM (, as leader of the consortium, in partnership with the organizations S.C. SIVECO Romania SA (, PROJOB GmbH from Germany ((, Formastur SA from Spain ( and Association Euro < 26 (

Within the conference, Marius Bostan, President of FNTM and Project Manager, has appreciated the importance of the need for education and managerial consultancy, by stating: "The entrepreneurs feel the need to learn how to make a business plan. The beginning of the crisis has increased/ augmented this need, while the funding entities and investors lay more stress on the management capacity and lowering risk. Narrowing of opportunities can be compensated by increasing the level of knowledge in order that the entrepreneurs to try to keep themselves on a uniform success curve. Within the project there are participating a significant number of youth from rural areas, entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs owning or intending to initiate a business in various fields of activity. During the project we will try to support the beneficiaries to write and submit a funding application or to solve a problem in initiating or developing a business."

All the members of the implementation consortium are dedicated to the project's goal and objectives. In this respect, Formastur President, Luis Valdes Garcia, has said: "Creation of a new generations of entrepreneurs, improving the life standards and the fight against depopulation of rural areas represent the objectives for which Formastur has worked in various programs, over the past 15 years in Spain, increasing the population's chances to live a better life. This is also the reason why we have joined the initiative of the Young managers National Foundation, within the project RURAL- Entrepreneur."

Cornelia Rother, general manager of ProJob Germany, has stressed the importance of having international partners within the consortium for the implementation of the RURAL-Entrepreneur project: "Germany's example can be used for Romania as a best practice model. We wish to use in Romania lessons learnt from the rural development of Germany. Annually we advise a lot of persons in Germany. We will use the experience gathered along the years in order to stimulate also in Romania the human resources' development in rural areas."

Catalin Stefan, project manager of the partner SIVECO Romania appreciates: "we have reached the moment when IT is more than ever an ally and a powerful support for training, personal development and of the business environment as well. "e-Learning", "e-Business", "e-Commerce" are part of our daily activity, either we are from rural or urban areas, from Romania or from another country. Through this project we are facilitating the access of entrepreneurs from rural areas to such instruments."

On behalf of Association Euro<26, the project coordinator Natalia Porubin, has stressed: "Under the current context of the social and economic unbalance in Romania, we consider that entrepreneurship is the actual solution for diminishing the effects of these challenges. Therefore, Euro26 welcomes this project and is going to be an integral part of it."

RURAL-Entrepreneurs is co-funded European Social Fund through Operational Sectorial Program Human Resources Development 2007-2013, "Invest in people!", having the funding Contract POSDRU/83/5.2/S/59596 and value worth some 19,153,000 RON.

The project has as general objective the development of entrepreneurial culture and increasing the expertise in order to improve the skills, knowledge and managerial behavior for current and future entrepreneurs, especially young ones, from rural areas from the 23 counties in the following development regions: North-West, South West Oltenia, South Muntenia, Bucuresti-Ilfov. The project's implementation duration is of 2 years, in the interval of June 2010 - May 2012.

Among the project's specific activities, we mention the following component:

1. Customized managerial education for 400 entrepreneurs in order to start up a business or to develop an existing one, but also in order to increase their competitiveness on the market and increase of the local economy, by creating ea a 12 Help-Desks (HD), with 24 local experts. The locations of the consultancy offices are: Bistrita, Satu-Mare, Salaj, Arad, Drobeta-Turnu Severin, Craiova, Targu-Jiu, Alexandria, Slobozia, Pitesti, Targoviste and Bucharest.

2. Attracting 1,400 small or future entrepreneurs from rural areas, from 23 counties from the targeted regions (60/county), within 23 Conferences; motivating the entrepreneurial education and knowledge of managerial culture; promoting the entrepreneurial spirit and good national and international practices, aiming at improving the business performance and development; participation of 100 decision makers from APL, CCIA and employers' organizations in conferences.

3. Conceiving and carrying out a quantitative and qualitative research on the training and consultancy needs of entrepreneurs and of those who wish to start up a business, in the rural areas from the targeted regions.

4. Training, counseling for 300 managers, small or future entrepreneurs, through an integrated portal-instrument, which will contain: an e-Learning platform, for de consultancy and networking, upgraded and extended, with 7 course modules (Business Plan, Financial Management, strategic Management, Project Management, Marketing, introduction to IT for business purposes, Business ethics), a preparation session in format traditional format, for two days, during the period of June-August 2011,an a e-Business platform upgraded for the beneficiaries selected from all the regions, an e-Commerce platform (complete solution of online shop) and a project's site, available as of October:

5. The diagnosis-analysis for 20% of the businesses of participants in the e-Learning courses, customized consultancy and carrying out of IT solutions-integrated software for the business management and decision support, for 30 businesses selected.

6. Project's results dissemination within a final conference, with 300 persons, in Bucharest, in order to disseminate the results and awarding the beneficiaries, in May 2012.

For the entrepreneurs in rural areas the major benefits of the project are training and customized consultancy, the creation of a cooperation network and networking among entrepreneurs across the country, following the transfer of good practices, initiation of partnerships and generating local development, with long-term effect.

The project will lead to improving the knowledge and managerial and marketing skills of the actual and future entrepreneurs as well as of the employees from rural areas, while supporting youngsters, in adapting to the changing economic environment and to the challenges of globalizations.

The RURAL- Entrepreneur Project is complementary to the strategic project "Rural-Manager",, co-funded from ESF (European Structural Funds), and developed in the period of January 2009 - April 2010, in the regions of North-East, Center and South-East.

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