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The launching of international version of SIVECO Applications - ERP solution ready for European competition

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Bucharest, 10th of March 2004 - Taking into account the perspective of the European Union Accession, and conforming to the company's strategy, with focus on reaching the status of an European company, SIVECO Romania releases the international of SIVECO Applications Integrated Information System.

"Sustained by the quality of the provided software products and services, and also by the successful implication on European and The United States of America markets, SIVECO Romania can successfully meet international market needs with SIVECO Applications" declares Mrs. Aurora CRUSTI, manager of SIVECO Applications Departament.

SIVECO Applications is a complete ERP solution, which includes modules able to solve the main problems of any organization: enterprise administration, data flow automation, data consistency and coherence, quick information tracking, retrieval and report, information flow redefinition.

Taking into account today's business trends SIVECO Applications Integrated Information System is also web-enabled, thus it covers the whole range of organizational functionalities: financial - accounting (including International Accounting Standards - based operations and reports), manufacturing, human resources and payroll, assets management and maintenance, budgets, inventory, warehouses and purchasing management, clients, order and supplies, contracts and commissions, investments, tariffs, shipping, process diagnosis and control, services, billing, document and workflow management, Management Information System.

The overall effort to develop and implement this ERP solution requires 50 years/man over a ten-year period. New versions, tailored to meet customers needs have been released, during this period. Today, the product has a very strong position on the Romanian market. According to the IDC study concerning the Romanian ERP market, during the last years SIVECO Applications has constantly increased its market share, reaching 10,8% in 2002. The company's specialists' expertise in managing successful projects is proved by numerous Romanian IT success stories and by a more than 300 customers portfolio.

The facilities offered by SIVECO Applications meet Romanian and international market needs, in ERP field.

Due to IAS reporting feature of Financial - Accounting Component, the product allows the users to elaborate financial situations in accordance with OMFP 94/ 2001, so that the Accounting Regulations conforming to the IV-th Directive of European Economic Community and to the Accounting International Standards can be approved. This application can be used by companies in a transition period from internal accounting regulations to an attempt to apply the International Accounting Standards, which already elaborate accounting evidences in accordance with the international standards.

Also, one of the most powerful financial analysis tools provided by SIVECO Applications is Cash Flow Management Component- which allows the presentation, in a comprehensive and suggestive way, of the reports for financial available funds of the organization and the evaluation of these for a certain time according with the level of the cashing and payments. The system presents in an organized and if necessary - hierarchical way, information regarding cash flow, requested by the management levels.

Aiming mainly at streamlining production processes, Production Management Component of SIVECO Applications is a component designed for the Discrete Production that addresses the unique products and small and medium series production.

The main benefits of SIVECO Applications Integrated Information System - revealed by the beneficiaries' testimonials include:

  • A better control at internal financial level;
  • A management tool to analyze the current conditions and business trends, by viewing and processing the statistical and historical financial data;
  • The ability to focus efforts of the administrative and financial teams on their core activities;
  • Quick access for the management team to critical information for decision making;
  • Fast access to information and advanced methods for data recovery;
  • The possibility to centralize and consolidate the information in the entire system - with major financial implications.

The company's strategy is to extend its activity, by partnerships, in Great Britain, Scandinavian countries, Greece, Turkey, Russia, Korea, China, Middle East, South Africa. Distribution and development partnerships have already been signed by now in Germany (with Sunderman & Lohse, FS-EDV, Glock IT Consulting), as well as in China, Taiwan, Korea and Japan (by C&S Trade).

A very good reference is the fact that more than 1800 international customers already use Siveco's Maintenance Management Component.