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"Learning for the knowledge society": a new optional study subject for high school pupils in Romania

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The curriculum has been developed for the XI grade and can be adjusted for other grades too.

Bucharest, 30th of August 2011 - Did you know that the lessons of geography, history, chemistry and mathematics can be combined? Through the optional curriculum "Learning for the knowledge society", the pupils will have the opportunity, as a premieré, to combine at the same time information coming from several fields, in a pleasant and interesting manner that would develop their analytic thinking and creativity.

In a period when the role of education is more and more intensively debated by the academic milieu and the civil society, SIVECO Romania in partnership with the Management Unit of the External Funded Projects (MECTS) presents an unprecedented solution meant to develop the pupils? creative abilities and to transform the learning activity into an efficient and pleasant activity.

The minister of Education, Research, Youth and Sport, Petru Daniel Funeriu, has approved at the beginning of July 2011 the Order No. 4572/06.07.2011 by which the integrated curriculum, inter and trans-disciplinary for the scientific and humanistic fields "Learning for the knowledge society" becomes integral part of the Curriculum at the School?s Option starting with scholar year 2011-2012.

The trans-disciplinary Curriculum has been carried out within the project "Optimized educational process in the vision of the knowledge society competences" (better known in high school environment as the "Multi-touch") and enjoys the privilege of uniqueness, being also among the first consistent approaches of the skills focused learning concept, and, probably, the first trans-disciplinary course which integrates the two knowledge areas: "Mathematics and sciences" and "Human and society".

"We hope this approach would raise awareness of as many pupils as possible from the 9th grade. They will have available at their disposal teaching, learning and evaluation materials in digital format. The course will help them improve their communication skills, to develop their capacity to adjust to various situations, the capacity to investigate and capitalize their own experience. All these will make them better prepared for the labor market", says head of the SIVECO project team, prof. Radu Jugureanu, Manager of AeL eContent department within SIVECO Romania.

The optional subject includes 12 topics that can be approached in various combinations depending on the pupils and teachers' choice. In a first stage, the inter- and trans-disciplinary integrated curriculum has been developed only for the IX grade, but it paves the way for promoting trans-disciplinarity at all the school levels.

The activity of conceiving the optional curriculum has taken place with support from SIVECO Romania specialists. Up to now, it has resulted in a pilot project implemented in 500 high schools throughout the country, but starting with school year 2011-2012, all the high schools in Romania, irrespective of their specialty, will benefit from the new optional curriculum.

The project "Optimized educational process in the vision of the knowledge society competences" is implemented by the Management Unit of the External Funded Projects within the Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sport in partnership with SIVECO Romania and the National Defense University "Carol I" and is co-funded by the European Social Fund through the Sectoral Operational Program Human Resources Development 2007-2013. The optional curriculum and the methodological guide can be viewed on www.transdisciplinar.pmu.ro and on www.siveco.ro, Structural Funds.