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Lifelong training of Chemistry teachers in the knowledge society

Friday, November 5, 2010

The launch of project "Lifelong training of Chemistry teachers in the knowledge society" -POSDRU/87/1.3/S/62517

Targu Jiu, 5th November 2010 - On 05.11.2010, University Constantin Brâncuşi in Targu-Jiu held a press conference to mark the launch of the strategic project "Lifelong training of Chemistry teachers in the knowledge society", co-funded from the European Social Fund, Priority Axis -1 "Education and professional training in support of economic growth and development of the knowledge based society", Major field of intervention 1.3 "Human resources development in education and professional training".

The strategic project "Lifelong training of Chemistry teachers in the knowledge society" is implemented by the University Constantin Brancusi in Targu-Jiu (, as leader of consortium in partnership with University Valahia in Targoviste (, S.C. SIVECO Romania SA ( and the County School Inspectorate Botoşani (

The project's eligible value is 11,145,736 lei (VAT exempted) out of which:
•10,922,821 lei - eligible non-reimbursable;
•222,915 lei - partner's contribution.

The project's overall objective is the training and development of skills of chemistry teachers as regards implementing a curriculum.

Specific objectives are:

• Development of two course modules and their conversion into digital format;
• Training of teaching staff from the target group on the two course modules;
• Ensuring the quality of the accredited lifelong training program;
• Sharing of experience and lifelong training using an on-line collaborative platform dedicated to the teaching staff from the targeted curriculum area;
• Encouraging the access and participation of teaching staff from pre-university education to the opportunities provided by the project by promoting and dissemination of results and examples of good practices.

The project goal is: decreasing the rate of leaving the system and encouraging youth to adopt a teaching career; improving the quality of teaching through correlation of teaching staff's training to pupils' need and interests; increasing the quality of training programs through modern alternatives to classic models of lifelong training; optimizing the human capital skills form the pre-university education system and their correlation with European requirements.

The Project is addressed to a number of 2.000 teaching staff from pre-university education, teachers teaching Chemistry from the regions South- Muntenia (counties Argeş, Călăraşi, Dâmboviţa, Giurgiu, Ialomiţa, Prahova, Teleorman), South-West Oltenia (counties Dolj, Gorj, Mehedinţi, Olt, Vâlcea) and Botosani county as well.

The project will run over a period of 21 months and includes two modules, "Skills on curriculum" and "Professional development and opportunities in didactical career", respectively, each of them set on 89 hours each, and 25 professional transferable credits. Going through them is free of charge and is finalized by granting two professional certificates.

The Project Manager Cornelia Tomescu-Dumitrescu says: "Starting just from the logo we have embraced: "We react through performance", we aim at providing a new, practical, performing approach, but at the same time realistic on the manner chemistry teaching is performed in the regions covered by the project."

Mrs. Laura Gorghiu, Project Coordinator on behalf of Valahia University says: "By passing through the module for professional development and guidance in the teaching career the project will ensure increased performance for teachers and their capacity to adapt to the changes the education system will undergo in the following period."

Catalin Stefan, Project Coordinator of partner SIVECO Romania considers that: "We are at the right time to perform education and training based on interactive methods, on information technology. Through this project we provide the chemistry teachers in the targeted regions the chance to develop professionally, having access to modern methods, highlighting both the specific knowledge and their creative potential."

The final beneficiaries of the projects' results are in fact the pupils, who will go through a curriculum centered on their needs and targeted on building skills and not on delivering knowledge.

Conf. univ. Dr. Cornelia Tomescu Dumitrescu - Project Manager
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