SIVECO participates in the development of an advanced system for semantically - interlinking information from electronic health records and clinical trials systems | SIVECO Romania

SIVECO participates in the development of an advanced system for semantically - interlinking information from electronic health records and clinical trials systems

Wednesday, August 14, 2013
The Linked2Safety project advances a system for homogenous and efficient access to electronic health records in Europe to accelerate medical research and increase patient safety

The first Linked2Safety platform prototype (, in the development of which SIVECO is a partner, is due to be launched in September 2013. The project involves the creation of a next-generation electronic platform integrating information from electronic health records with clinical trial results. This supports clinical and medical research, providing a secure framework for semantic interoperability and contributing to ensuring patient safety and facilitating access to electronic health records.

Linked2Safety was initiated in 2011 and financed by the European Commission, aiming to improve medical practice and research. The innovative semantic connection system ensures homogenized access to information, enables the use and re-use of data from electronic health records, while improving the decision-making process and organisation of clinical trials. The platform will allow the execution of pilot clinical trials, validating and evaluating their results, as well as identifying suitable masses of patients for each study. This will allow the early detection of patient safety issues and adverse events.

Within Linked2Safety, SIVECO designs a semantic model to align data from electronic health records with standard medical vocabularies and will build a high-performing, secure framework for the semantic interoperability of medical and clinical information.

Electronic health records can bring significant benefits to society, contributing to the progress of medicine. The healthcare information space in Europe is highly fragmented, due to a lack of common standards and platforms. The interoperability of these systems will be ensured by the implementation of the innovative Linked2Safety platform, addressed to pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals involved in clinical trials.

Semantic interoperability represents the capacity of information systems to interpret data correctly, following information exchanges, so as to produce the desired results. For this, standards regarding data content, geographical details or metadata are necessary.

Platform users will be provided tools for quality control, data mining, hypothesis testing, as well as options for creating personalized visualisations and filtering results. Furthermore, they will be able to create workflows based on different data sets and perform varied types of analysis, data processing and data tests on the selected data.

SIVECO Romania is a partner in this project together with Intrasoft International (project coordinator) – Luxembourg, National University of Ireland, Galway – Ireland, The University of Manchester – Great Britain, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universitaet Hannover - Germany, Centre for Research and Technology Hellas - Greece, University of Cyprus - Cyprus, Ubitech Ltd. - Greece, Zeincro Hellas S.A. - Greece, Hospices Cantonaux Chuv - Switzerland, The Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics - The Cyprus Foundation for Muscular Dystrophy Research - Cyprus.